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Researchers report possible vertical transmission of SARS-CoV-2 in China

April 3, 2020
A neonate born to a mother infected with SARS-CoV-2 at a hospital in Wuhan, China, had elevated levels of immunoglobuin M, or IgM, and immunoglobulin…

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FDA authorizes emergency use of antimalarial drugs for COVID-19

March 30, 2020
The FDA authorized the emergency use of two antimalarial medications to treat some hospitalized patients with COVID-19. The agency issued an…

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FDA accepts Genentech’s drug applications for Xofluza in children

March 27, 2020
The FDA has accepted a new drug application and two new supplemental drug applications for the influenza antiviral Xofluza, all involving children…


AAP offers tips for parents dealing with pandemic-related stress

March 26, 2020
The AAP released a list of tips for parents who are dealing with financial, emotional and other stresses related to the COVID-19 pandemic as they…


Q&A: Updates on COVID-19 protocols in primary care

March 26, 2020
Health care providers across the world are adjusting to the challenges of caring for patients during the global COVID-19 pandemic. Healio…

Pharmacology Consult

Are you still prescribing codeine?

Infectious Diseases in Children, March 2020
Edward A. Bell, PharmD, BCPS
Codeine is an opioid alkaloid naturally found in opium poppy resin, along with morphine and more than 20 distinct alkaloid chemicals. The opium poppy…


COVID-19 spreads, mostly sparing children

Infectious Diseases in Children, March 2020
In less than 2 months, the COVID-19 outbreak that originated in Wuhan, China, grew to include dozens of countries on every continent except…

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Common COVID-19 symptoms in kids include fever, cough, red throat

March 24, 2020
According to findings published recently in The New England Journal of Medicine, common signs or symptoms of COVID-19 in children include fever…


Q&A: Is in-home child care safe during COVID-19 pandemic?

March 20, 2020
With children home from school and many parents teleworking during the COVID-19 pandemic, is in-home child care a safe option? Infectious


AAP offers tips to keep children occupied during COVID-19 pandemic

March 19, 2020
As families across the globe are asked to stay home to help contain the spread of the novel coronavirus, parents of children in all age groups are…

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Clinical manifestations of COVID-19 appear to be less severe in children

March 17, 2020
Newly published study findings showed that children are susceptible to COVID-19, but generally have less severe symptoms than adults. In a study…


Q&A: Interim protocols for COVID-19 in primary care

March 10, 2020
More than 118,300 cases of COVID-19 and 4,200 related deaths have been identified worldwide, including 938 cases and 29 deaths in the United States…

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Universal flu vaccine shows promise in phase 2b trial

March 10, 2020
A single dose of a universal influenza vaccine, adjuvanted FLU-v, may provide prolonged protection against multiple strains of the influenza virus…

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S. pneumoniae strains increasingly resistant in post-PCV13 era

March 4, 2020
Researchers observed a “rapid and steady erosion of antibiotic susceptibility” among Streptococcus pneumoniae strains in the years since…

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New genetic lineage of RSV-B discovered in Minnesota children

March 4, 2020
An outbreak of severe respiratory syncytial virus disease was associated with a new genetic lineage of the virus among a group of Minnesota children…

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Flu vaccine 45% effective in US, 55% effective in children, early estimates show

February 20, 2020
The 2019-2020 influenza vaccine has been 45% effective overall in the United States this season and 55% effective in children, according to…

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Small study shows no vertical transmission of novel coronavirus

February 17, 2020
Findings from a small observational study in China showed no evidence that the novel coronavirus at the center of a global outbreak is passed from…


Proposed US budget cuts could have ‘disastrous’ effect on global health

February 13, 2020
President Trump’s proposed 2021 budget would reduce HHS funding by more than 9%, including large cuts to the NIH and CDC budgets. Reductions to…

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FDA approves pandemic H5N1 flu vaccine Audenz

February 3, 2020
The FDA announced the approval of a vaccine to protect against pandemic influenza A(H5N1). Audenz (Seqirus) is the first-ever adjuvanted, cell-based…


‘Mixed bag’ flu season has been particularly tough on children

January 28, 2020
For the first time in 27 years, influenza B viruses have predominated in the United States, accounting for more than 56% of samples tested in public…