Five things you should know about norovirus

February 9, 2018
Dozens of people at the Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea, have been affected by a norovirus outbreak that began Sunday, according to the…

Flu season on track to break recent records as illnesses reach 2009 level

February 9, 2018
Influenza and pneumonia killed around 10% of the people who died in the United States during the most recent week with available data — one of…

Guest Commentary

Commentary: Ending the HIV epidemic in black communities

February 7, 2018
Feb. 7 is National Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day. To mark the occasion, Melanie A. Thompson, MD, chair of the HIV Medicine Association, discusses the

USPSTF releases draft recommendation on syphilis screening in pregnant women

February 6, 2018
The U.S. Preventive Services Task Force has issued a draft recommendation affirming its 2009 decision that all women who are pregnant should be…

Antimicrobial activity higher in hand sanitizers with chlorhexidine gluconate

February 5, 2018
An alcohol-based hand hygiene product containing chlorhexidine gluconate was more effective than another product containing ethanol alone, according…

In the Journals

Flu exposure may reduce vaccine effectiveness for some

February 3, 2018
An age cohort’s first influenza A(H1N1) exposure may have greatly dulled the effectiveness of a recent vaccine, according to researchers. …

CDC: More signs of a severe flu season in US

February 2, 2018
There are more signs this week that the United States is experiencing a particularly severe influenza season. In the week ending Jan. 27, CDC…

In the Journals

Pediatric hospitalizations for seizures fall after introduction of rotavirus vaccines

February 1, 2018
Pediatric hospitalizations for seizures have fallen since the introduction of the rotavirus vaccine, according to findings published in The Journal

New WHO data show high levels of antibiotic resistance worldwide

January 29, 2018
WHO released its first report from the agency’s new Global Antimicrobial Resistance Surveillance System, which revealed high levels of…

FDA News

FDA gives fast-track designation to Takeda’s Zika vaccine candidate

January 29, 2018
The FDA has granted fast-track status to Takeda’s Zika virus vaccine candidate, the company announced today in a news release. The designation…

‘Pavlov’s mosquitoes’: Swatting has similar effect as insect repellent

January 27, 2018
When it comes to keeping mosquitoes away, swatting may have the same effect as the best insect repellents. One swat may be enough, researchers said…

CDC: Flu hospitalizations, deaths high; vaccination still urged

January 26, 2018
Influenza-related deaths this season have remained elevated for weeks, and hospitalization rates are comparable to the severe 2014-2015 influenza…

NIH launches phase 3 trial assessing dolutegravir in pregnant women

January 26, 2018
The NIH announced that it has launched a large international trial to compare the safety and efficacy of current WHO-recommended first-line ART and…


Zika caused more birth defects in US than expected

Infectious Diseases in Children, February 2018
A new report suggests Zika virus caused more birth defects in the United States than expected, and the number of cases may continue to go up. Writing…


Zika caused more birth defects in US than expected

January 25, 2018
A new report suggests Zika virus caused more birth defects in the United States than expected, and the number of cases may continue to go up. Writing…

Industry comes together to fight antimicrobial resistance

January 19, 2018
A coalition of 101 life science companies and industry associations has made significant progress developing new therapies and diagnostics to combat…

Household screening doubles detection of TB cases

January 17, 2018
Adding household screening to standard passive case finding more than doubled the detection of tuberculosis cases during a nearly 5-year study in…

Flu widespread in US; no antiviral resistance reported

January 17, 2018
Influenza is widespread across virtually the entire continental United States this season, and H3N2 remains the dominant circulating strain, CDC…

Passenger with measles may have exposed others at O’Hare airport

January 16, 2018
A passenger with an active case of measles may have exposed others to the highly contagious disease at O’Hare International Airport in Chicago…

In the Journals

Routine HIV screening at age 25 improves clinical outcomes

January 16, 2018
A one-time routine HIV screening at 25 years of age was cost-effective and led to better clinical outcomes among teenagers and young adults without…