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Mayo Clinic named top hospital for ear, nose and throat conditions

July 30, 2019
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Tongue-tie surgery unnecessary for about 60% of infants

July 23, 2019
More than half of infants referred to an otolaryngology center for tongue-tie surgery did not need to undergo the procedure after consultation with a speech-language…
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Obstructive sleep apnea screening methods utilize snoring, BMI, hypertension symptoms, other characteristics

June 21, 2019
Obstructive sleep apnea, or OSA, is halfway through its sixth decade of being mentioned in medical journals, according to a report in the World Journal of
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Smartphone app identifies ear infections in children

May 15, 2019
A smartphone app and a paper funnel can accurately identify pediatric patients with fluid buildup in the ear resulting from acute otitis media and otitis media with…
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Paradoxical Vocal Cord Motion in Pediatric Patients

Pediatric Annals, May 2016, Volume 45 Issue 5
Paradoxical vocal cord motion (PVCM), also termed vocal cord dysfunction, is a poorly understood disorder of episodic…
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Pediatric Internalizing Disorders: October 2017

AKH Inc., Advancing Knowledge in Healthcare and Psychiatric Annals

Children and adolescents all too often experience psychiatric symptoms and disorders that interfere with their…
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VIDEO: Physicians must nurture the engaged patient

April 13, 2019
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