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Kids’ healthy diet scores improve by 27%

March 31, 2020

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Climate change: A growing threat to children’s health

Infectious Diseases in Children, March 2020
According to WHO, Earth has warmed approximately 0.85°C over the last 130 years — with each of the past 3 decades being successively warmer than any preceding…
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Children consume more calories from post-game snacks than they burn playing sports

March 5, 2020
The average caloric intake among children from eating post-game snacks exceeds the number of calories they burn playing sports, study findings suggest. Lori

Q&A: Treating patients with eating disorders ‘takes a lot of tolerance and patience’

February 28, 2020
According to researchers, eating disorders — which affect more than 1 in 10 Americans — pose “a serious threat” to patients’ health and…
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Behavioral Outbursts in a Child with a Deletion Syndrome, Generalized Epilepsy, Global Developmental Delay, and Failure to Thrive

Pediatric Annals, March 2018, Volume 47 Issue 3
A 7-year-old girl with 20q13.33 deletion and a history of generalized convulsive epilepsy presented to the…
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Best of Obesity Forum® 2018

This activity is supported by an educational grant from Rhythm Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

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VIDEO: Peter Hotez, MD, PhD, discusses rise of anti-vaccine movement

November 23, 2019
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