Federico Laham, MD, MS, is the head of the Pediatric Infectious Diseases Specialty Practice at Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children in Orlando, Florida. Dr. Laham graduated with honors at the University of Buenos Aires, Argentina, and then completed his residency in Pediatrics at the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine/Jackson Memorial Hospital. He subsequently sub-specialized in Infectious Diseases at Baylor College of Medicine where he remained until 2010 as an Instructor. He is currently a member of the American Academy of Pediatrics, the Pediatric Infectious Diseases Society and the Infectious Diseases Society of America. His clinical interests include the study of the early immune response against paramyxoviruses, the development of biomarkers for prediction of bronchiolitis severity, and the effect of respiratory syncytial virus in human airway epithelium and its role on the development of an allergic inflammatory response.

Amoeba, a silent killer

October 16, 2012

It’s been about a year since I was face to face with one of the worst infections I could not wish for. A previously healthy girl in her late teens, who had been…

Mix and match: A new swine flu virus is lurking among us

August 16, 2012

The CDC and the Infectious Diseases Society of America released cautionary statements about a new swine influenza virus that has been increasingly detected in few inland…

Top 7 dubious statements heard by an ID doctor

May 25, 2012

#7. It likely represents a contaminant. No further workup needed — The Micro lab
Well, we all know that a coagulase-negative staphylococcal infection in the sick…

Are you up-to-date?

February 22, 2012

The first issues of the “New England Journal of Medicine and Surgery, and the Collateral Branches of Science” were published in a letterpress in 1812 and…

Low glucose in shunt infections and meningitis: Further comments on the mechanisms behind this phenomenon

November 14, 2011

With this mid-twentieth century title paraphrasing an interesting article by Petersdorf, Swarner and Garcia, I preface a question that has been bugging me: Why is it…

My review of systems

April 28, 2011

FL is a young man presenting with a flu-like illness.

Fact: Patients with complex past medical history are indeed complex

December 13, 2010

When recently going through the October issue of Pediatrics, two articles caught my attention. (Question: is it me or half of the journal is about…

Antibiotic treatment: More is not always better, but too short may be too little

November 1, 2010

Thou shalt not give antibiotics for less days than the fingers thou have on your hands.

Ever wondered about the circadian cadence of infectious diseases management?

October 11, 2010

With the exemption of a dramatic positive gram-stain from a sterile patient's site, a relevant PCR result posted after dusk, or a radiologist calling in for a golf-ball…

Oil slick: Pseudomonas to the rescue?

June 1, 2010

Pseudomonas to mitigate the massive oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico? No kidding!