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Hurricanes Irma, Maria pose threat of infectious diseases in US

January 18, 2018
NEW YORK —  The aftermath of Hurricanes Irma and Maria have displaced an estimated 100,000 to 200,000 Puerto Rican citizens, with many…
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Diagnosing source of periodic fever in children entails collecting thorough history

December 19, 2017
NEW YORK —  Frequent fevers and associated symptoms may point to an autoinflammatory or autoimmune disorder, such as periodic fever…
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VIDEO: Infectious diseases related to underwater birthing

December 12, 2017
NEW YORK – At the 2017 Infectious Diseases in Children Symposium, Sarah S. Long, MD, discussed microbiota and the many roles they have…
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Timely care, knowledge needed to prevent tickborne illnesses

December 8, 2017
NEW YORK — Prevention and treatment of diseases transmitted through ticks — such as Lyme disease and Colorado tick fever virus —…
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VIDEO: Pediatric vaccine updates discussed at IDC New York

December 6, 2017
NEW YORK – Mark H. Sawyer, MD, discussed what’s new in pediatric vaccinations during his presentation at the 2017 Infectious Diseases in
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VIDEO: Managing children who have been excluded from child care programs

December 5, 2017
NEW YORK – At the 2017 Infectious Diseases in Children Symposium, Timothy R. Shope, MD, MPH, discussed exclusion criteria for pediatricians to…
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Proper treatment of S. aureus necessary with changing epidemiology

December 4, 2017
NEW YORK — While skin and soft tissue infections such as MRSA are decreasing around 3% annually, rates of methicillin-susceptible

VIDEO: Treating fever in young infants

December 1, 2017
NEW YORK – Sarah S. Long, MD, discussed using aggressive management to treat infants aged younger than under 1 month for fever without clear…
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VIDEO: Treating S. aureus skin, soft tissue infections

November 30, 2017
NEW YORK – C. Buddy Creech, MD, MPH, discussed treating Staphylococcus aureus-related skin and soft tissue infections at the 2017…
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Climbing congenital syphilis rates cause concern for pediatricians

November 29, 2017
NEW YORK — The current rates of congenital syphilis are higher than in previous outbreaks, with the infection noted in 15.7 per 100,000 live…