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Past Issue
  • November 2020
  • Volume 49 · Issue 11
Letter to the Editor
Healthy Baby/Healthy Child

Screening for Healthy Screen Time

Benjamin Kornfeld, MD; Bridget M. Wild, MD

Pediatric Annals. 2020;49(11):e452-e454

Guest Editorial

Children with Medical Complexity

Timothy E. Corden, MD

Pediatric Annals. 2020;49(11):e455-e456

Special Issue Article

Lessons Learned, Best Practices: Care Coordination for Children with Medical Complexity

John Maypole, MD; Tiffany Gavin, MBA; Mary Ann de Banate, MD; Matthew Sadof, MD

Pediatric Annals. 2020;49(11):e457-e466

Partnering with Parents of Children with Medical Complexity: A Framework for Engaging Families for Practice Improvement

Jessica Lander Schnell, MD, MPH; Sarah Johaningsmeir, BA; Tera Bartelt, MS, RN; David A. Bergman, MD

Pediatric Annals. 2020;49(11):e467-e472

Decision-Making for Children with Medical Complexity: The Role of the Primary Care Pediatrician

K. Jane Lee, MD, MA; Douglas L. Hill, PhD; Chris Feudtner, MD, PhD, MPH

Pediatric Annals. 2020;49(11):e473-e477

Overmedicalization in Children with Medical Complexity

Elisabeth Pordes, MD, MPH; Meggan Goodpasture, MD; Brett J. Bordini, MD

Pediatric Annals. 2020;49(11):e478-e485

Caring for Maya: A Family, Pediatrician, and Complex Care Partnership

Holly Owens; Sarah P. Hansen, MD; K. Jane Lee, MD, MA

Pediatric Annals. 2020;49(11):e486-e490

Feature Article

A Systematic Literature Review of Child Life in Ambulatory Settings

Teresa McGinley, MA, CCLS; Stephanie Maskell, MA, CCLS; Kathryn Cantrell, PhD, CCLS

Pediatric Annals. 2020;49(11):e491-e498

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