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2019 Impact Factor 1.101

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Past Issue
  • October 2019
  • Volume 48 · Issue 10
Healthy Baby/Healthy Child
Guest Editorial

Pediatric Autoimmune Diseases

Melissa S. Tesher, MD

Pediatric Annals. 2019;48(10):e385-e386

Special Issue Article

Pediatric Anti-NMDA-R Encephalitis: Presentation, Diagnosis, and Management

Karyn Gerstle, MD, MPH; Moon Hee Hur, MD; Taha Moussa, MD

Pediatric Annals. 2019;48(10):e387-e390

Pediatric Autoimmune Inner Ear Disease: A Rare, But Treatable Condition

Rotem Semo Oz, MD; Michael Gluth, MD; Melissa S. Tesher, MD

Pediatric Annals. 2019;48(10):e391-e394

New Onset Autoimmune Disease or Macrophage Activation Syndrome?

J. Palmer Greene, MD; Bridget M. Wild, MD

Pediatric Annals. 2019;48(10):e395-e399

Kawasaki Disease: Beyond IVIG and Aspirin

Taha Moussa, MD; Linda Wagner-Weiner, MD

Pediatric Annals. 2019;48(10):e400-e405

Kikuchi-Fujimoto Disease in Children: An Important Diagnostic Consideration for Cervical Lymphadenitis

Emily Batton, MD; Muayad Alali, MD; Joseph R. Hageman, MD; Megan Parilla, MD; Karl O. A. Yu, MD, PhD

Pediatric Annals. 2019;48(10):e406-e411

Feature Article

Meandering Main Pancreatic Duct in Association with Choledochal Cysts and Acute Pancreatitis in Pediatrics

Arvind V. Panchoo, MD; Juan C. Infante, MD; Edgardo D. Rivera Rivera, MD

Pediatric Annals. 2019;48(10):e412-e416

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