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Neurological Problems in Primary Care, and Anticipatory Guidance About Guns

Joseph R. Hageman, MD

As pediatric care practitioners, we frequently encounter, in clinical practice and in the emergency department, common neurological presentations that could potentially be disabling or even life-threatening diseases for our young patients. Therefore, it is important that pediatric providers are knowledgeable about the evaluation, management, and treatment of these patients. In this issue of Pediatric Annals, our guest editor Dr. Heidi K. Blume and her team of authors present practical and thoughtful articles about some of the common neurological problems like headache, dizziness and syncope, the approach to concussion recovery, sleep and sleep-related problems, and tuberous sclerosis complex. These articles will serve as excellent resources for pediatric clinicians.

Preventing Firearm Injuries in the Home: What Role Do We Play?

The privilege of owning and carrying a gun by citizens continues to be an ongoing issue in our communities, including large cities as well as in suburban and even rural areas of our country. When you “google” gun safety, a significant number of websites populate including Healthychildren.org1 and the National Rifle Association's “Eddie Eagle Gunsafe program.”2

In this issue's “Healthy Baby/Healthy Child” column, Dr. M. Denise Dowd, who is a new editorial board member for the journal, writes about firearm injury prevention and what role pediatricians play in providing anticipatory guidance to families whether guns are present in their homes or in places where their children visit. She provides comprehensive information that can be used by pediatric care providers to help guide and inform families about ways to keep their children safe from firearm injury or fatality.


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Joseph R. Hageman, MD

Pediatric Annals Editor-in-Chief Joseph R. Hageman, MD, is the Director of Quality Improvement, Section of Neonatology, Comer Children's Hospital; a Senior Clinician Educator, The University of Chicago Pritzker School of Medicine; and an Emeritus Attending Pediatrician, NorthShore University HealthSystem.

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