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Triple E: A severe zoonotic disease

Infectious Disease News, January 2020
Donald Kaye, MD, MACP; Thomas M. Yuill, PhD
Eastern equine encephalitis, or EEE, is a serious disease of horses and, rarely, humans. However, there was an unusual and dramatic increase in human…

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Top 10 most-read Infectious Diseases in Children stories of 2019

January 2, 2020
To kick off the new year, IDC has assembled a list of the 10 most-read stories of 2019. Please follow the links to access the full stories.  

Pharmacology Consult

Vector-borne illness of stealth: The current state of Lyme disease diagnostics, treatment and research

Infectious Disease News, December 2019
Bailey N. Kernan, PharmD; Kati Shihadeh, PharmD, BCIDP
Lyme disease was first described in the United States in 1975, after two concerned mothers in Old Lyme, Connecticut, reached out to rheumatologists…

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New chemical formulation fights resistance in malaria bed nets

December 6, 2019
During a trial in Uganda, long-lasting insecticidal nets, or LLINs, augmented with a chemical called piperonyl butoxide were more effective in…


Global report shows again that progress against malaria has slowed

December 4, 2019
Many low-burden countries are on their way to eliminating malaria, but progress has slowed in recent years and there has been no improvement in the…


Every pediatrician ‘needs to be able to recognize’ AFM

November 25, 2019
NEW YORK — It is important that pediatricians are able to identify presenting clinical features of acute flaccid myelitis, or AFM, said Kevin

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VIDEO: Joseph A. Bocchini Jr., MD, discusses dangers of travel infections abroad

November 24, 2019
NEW YORK — In this video, Joseph A. Bocchini Jr., MD, professor and chairman of the department of pediatrics at Louisiana State University…

Children ‘particularly vulnerable’ to health threats from climate change

November 14, 2019
Rising temperatures, declining crop yields, air pollution and other adverse environmental outcomes of climate change pose a threat to the long-term…

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Takeda’s tetravalent dengue vaccine candidate effective in children

November 6, 2019
Results of an ongoing phase 3 trial of Takeda’s tetravalent dengue vaccine candidate, known as TAK-003, suggest that the vaccine is effective…

At Issue

Was it the right decision to introduce a second vaccine in the DRC Ebola outbreak?

Infectious Disease News, October 2019
For more than a year, only Merck’s investigational V920 vaccine was used in the Ebola outbreak in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, or DRC

Cover Story

More than 1 year into Ebola outbreak, DRC facing ‘a new normal’

Infectious Disease News, October 2019
The Democratic Republic of the Congo, or DRC, has experienced 10 outbreaks of Ebola since the virus was discovered there in 1976. None have…

Eye on ID

B. microti: Looks like malaria, smells like malaria, but isn’t malaria

Infectious Disease News, October 2019
Donald Kaye, MD, MACP
Babesiosis in humans is a tick-borne infection. In the United States, babesiosis is usually caused by the protozoan Babesia microti, an obligate…

Meeting NewsPerspective

Biomarkers could predict AFM with more than 80% accuracy

October 4, 2019
WASHINGTON — Researchers identified a biological signature of acute flaccid myelitis, or AFM, found in cerebrospinal fluid. The findings…


DRC to introduce second vaccine in Ebola outbreak

September 23, 2019
WHO confirmed that a second investigational Ebola vaccine will be introduced in the ongoing outbreak in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, or DRC…

A pregnant woman or newborn dies every 11 seconds, new estimate shows

September 19, 2019
An estimated 2.8 million pregnant women and newborns — approximately one every 11 seconds — die each year worldwide, mostly from…


Q&A: Raising awareness of chronic granulomatous disease

September 10, 2019
Primary immunodeficiencies are a group of over 350 rare and chronic conditions in which genetic defects cause the immune system to function…

FDA News

FDA grants breakthrough therapy designation to experimental Ebola treatment

September 9, 2019
The FDA has granted Ridgeback Biotherapeutics breakthrough therapy designation for its investigational Ebola treatment, mAb114, which was recently…

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Mortality risk for Ebola survivors in Guinea five times greater than general population

September 7, 2019
Ebola survivors in Guinea face a more than five times greater risk for mortality after hospital discharge than the general population, according to…

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Incidence of West Nile virus neuroinvasive disease increased 25% in 2018

August 17, 2019
The incidence of West Nile virus neuroinvasive disease was approximately 25% higher in 2018 than the median annual incidence during the previous…


CDC OKs new two-tier testing algorithm for Lyme disease

August 16, 2019
The CDC issued an updated recommendation for the serologic diagnosis of Lyme disease, endorsing the use of a two-tier testing algorithm that uses a…