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16-month-old female is admitted to PICU with concerns for sepsis

Infectious Diseases in Children, January 2020
James H. Brien, DO
A 16-month-old female is admitted to the PICU with fever and concerns for sepsis. A few weeks earlier, she had the onset of a generalized…

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Decolonization reduces parent-to-child S. aureus transmission in NICU

January 15, 2020
Parental application of nasal antibiotic ointment and use of antiseptic wipes may significantly reduce parent-to-infant transmission of…

WHO lists 10 ‘urgent’ global health challenges for the new decade

January 14, 2020
WHO published a list of 10 global health challenges for the next decade that it said “reflects a deep concern that leaders are failing to…

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2017 San Diego wildfire increased pediatric respiratory ED visits

January 9, 2020
During a 2017 wildfire, San Diego hospitals observed an increase in ED visits for breathing problems among children, according to a study published…

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12th-grade binge drinking predicts risky driving in early adulthood

January 9, 2020
Binge drinking during senior year in high school is a predictor of risky alcohol-related behaviors in early adulthood — like driving while…

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Top 10 most-read Infectious Diseases in Children stories of 2019

January 2, 2020
To kick off the new year, IDC has assembled a list of the 10 most-read stories of 2019. Please follow the links to access the full stories.  

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Fresh red blood cells no better than older cells for transfusions in critically ill kids

December 12, 2019
Study findings published in JAMA showed no benefit in using fresh red blood cells — cells stored for a maximum of 7 days — over older red…

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Object-related choking deaths down significantly in US children since 1968

November 27, 2019
Object-related aspiration deaths in U.S. children declined 75% over 50 years, aided in part by policy changes to address choking hazards, according…

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Young children visiting ED more, hospitalized less for anaphylaxis

November 13, 2019
HOUSTON — Between 2006 to 2015, the number of children aged younger than 3 years who visited the ED for anaphylaxis increased, but the number…

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Researchers identify significant lack of funding for pediatric firearm injury studies

November 11, 2019
Research focused on firearm-related injuries receives significantly less federal funding compared with other top causes of pediatric and adolescent…

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ED admissions for adolescent sexual abuse double in 7 years

November 7, 2019
The number of ED admissions related to confirmed adolescent sexual abuse more than doubled from 2010 through 2016 in the United States, according to…

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Initiative reduces low-risk pediatric cardiology referrals to 0%

October 29, 2019
NEW ORLEANS — A six-step initiative embedded in electronic health records dropped the percentage of low-probability cardiology referrals among…

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Children in rural areas at highest risk for lawnmower injuries

October 29, 2019
NEW ORLEANS — Lawnmower injuries disproportionately affect children in rural areas compared with those living in urban areas in the United…

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Kids’ treatment for acute gastroenteritis in ED depends on race, study shows

October 28, 2019
NEW ORLEANS — Children with acute gastroenteritis with dehydration receive unequal treatment in the ED because of race, according to a…

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Antihistamines only delay emergency treatment for anaphylaxis

October 28, 2019
NEW ORLEANS — Giving antihistamines to children who experience anaphylaxis only endangers their lives by delaying emergency treatment…

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Educational intervention improves injury prevention knowledge among medical students

October 26, 2019
NEW ORLEANS — An educational intervention focused on injury prevention strategies was effective at training first-year medical students to…

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Drones: A faster alternative to traditional EMS?

October 26, 2019
NEW ORLEANS — Study findings showed that drones could respond more quickly to emergency medical situations in one inner city location during…

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Rates of trampoline-related fractures jump among children

October 25, 2019
NEW ORLEANS — Research presented at the AAP National Conference & Exhibition highlighted a significant increase in the number of…


Identifying kids at risk for sudden cardiac death presents serious challenges

October 23, 2019
Sudden cardiac death — the leading cause of sudden death among high school and college athletes in the United States — is not something…

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Pediatric suicide attempts often involve OTC medications

October 10, 2019
Poison control center calls for suspected suicide-related pediatric self-poisonings often involve over-the-counter, or OTC, medications, including…