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Hospitalization in special unit improves behavior in autism

Hospitalization in special unit improves behavior in autism
October 26, 2017

In inpatient psychiatry units, a multidisciplinary bio-behavioral treatment model was associated with improved behavior among children with autism from admission to discharge, but not after discharge.

“The Autism Inpatient Collection (AIC) study is being conducted in six specialized inpatient psychiatry units across the U.S. to better understand the behavioral and biological factors impacting children and adolescents who are severely affected by autism spectrum disorder (ASD),” Kahsi A. Pedersen, PhD, of Maine Medical Center Research Institute, told “Because this patient population has been underrepresented in research studies, those who are severely affected are those we know the least about. Our ultimate goal is to improve treatment options and level of care provided to these children and their families, as well as to produce a reference collection of phenotypic and genetic data that increases the inclusion of those severely affected by ASD.”

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State mandates increase access to autism care for insured children

October 25, 2017
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Autism may be under-identified in some socioeconomic groups

October 17, 2017
From 2002 to 2010, prevalence of autism spectrum disorders increased as socioeconomic status increased, suggesting potential disparities in screening. “We wanted…
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Autism risk associated with gender of older sibling

September 27, 2017
Female children diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder are more likely to have younger siblings also diagnosed with the disorder, with higher rates observed in younger
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