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Children with asthma often prescribed unnecessary antibiotics

September 22, 2017

Health care providers in at least two European countries are often prescribing unnecessary antibiotics for children with asthma, according to researchers.

Medical records for patients in the Netherlands and the United Kingdom show that children with asthma are prescribed antibiotics much more often than those who do not have the condition, the researchers said at the European Respiratory Society International Congress in Milan.

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Epinephrine commonly administered by unlicensed school staff

September 20, 2017
CHICAGO —  As many as one in five anaphylactic events among children without known allergies are treated with epinephrine administered by an unlicensed…
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Only 2% of oral food challenges result in anaphylaxis

September 15, 2017
Clinical low-risk oral food challenges present few risks in practice, with 98% performed without an anaphylactic event and 86% of challenges having no reaction at all
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Epinephrine cost, education remain crucial obstacles in school health

Infectious Diseases in Children, September 2017
According to the CDC, from 1997 to 2011, the prevalence of food allergy in children increased by 50%, while the prevalence of peanut or tree nut allergies has more than…
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Chronic Cough in Children

Pediatric Annals, August 2014, Volume 43 Issue 8
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March 2012: Case Challenges in Autoimmunity

Vindico Medical Education and Pediatric Annals

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