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FDA plan to limit nicotine garners praise, criticism

August 17, 2017

Medical professionals had mixed reviews for the FDA’s recent announcement to pursue lower levels of nicotine in cigarettes, a multiyear strategy that the agency said is intended to better protect children and substantially lower the number of illnesses and deaths attributed to tobacco.

This is not the first time the FDA has made such proposals, but the doctors Healio Family Medicine spoke to had differing opinions on the agency’s latest attempt to potentially regulate certain tobacco products.

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FDA: Zika, arbovirus test approved for emergency use

August 15, 2017
The FDA has authorized the ArboViroPlex rRT-PCR Test — a multiplex assay that can simultaneously test for Zika virus, all dengue virus serotypes, chikungunya virus
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Hearing loss rates in teens unaffected by increased noise exposure

August 15, 2017
Although noise exposure does not impact the prevalence of hearing loss in children, racial or ethnic minority status and low socioeconomic status was associated with an…
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