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Transition With Patients Through Physical Changes

Transition With Patients Through Physical Changes
O&P News, April 2017

In O&P, patients are not treated with one prosthesis or orthosis per lifetime. Care spans the course of many years. While the makeup of devices changes with time, so does the physicality of the patients who wear these devices.

In this Cover Story, O&P leaders discuss the care of patients throughout various stages of their lives.

Rebuilding Lives

With Two Hands

O&P News, January 2017
When he was born, Zion Redington had just one finger on each hand and one toe on each foot. When his mother adopted him at the age of 2 years, she knew she would face…
Meeting News

OPAF Hosts First Amputee Tennis Tournament in US

O&P News, December 2016
The Orthotic and Prosthetic Activities Foundation held the first amputee tennis tournament in the United States as a part of its First Clinics initiative. Held in…
Meeting News

Össur Hosts its First O&P Women's Leadership Conference

O&P News, December 2016
Recently Össur hosted its first Women’s Leadership Conference. The conference brought in more than 30 female O&P professionals from 11 states. The professional…
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Help Patients Manage Equinus Deformity

O&P News, April 2011
Cusick Beverly, PT, MS, COF
A paradigm shift is underway, whereby ankle equinus deformity in children is managed with three important factors in mind: 1) as a component of a…

Many Patients With Severe Cerebral Palsy Have Asymmetric Pelvic Bones

March 10, 2011
Johns Hopkins Children’s Center researchers have discovered that most children with severe cerebral palsy have asymmetric pelvic bones. The…

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Early Intervention and Orthotics

O&P News, March 2011
Sean McKale
Newer research confirms that having children participate in functional activities early on can help to curb inactivity and subsequent medical…

Haiti One Year Later

O&P News, March 2011
More than one year has elapsed since the earthquake on Jan. 12, 2010 devastated Haiti. The world – along with many O&P providers – turned its…

NIH Grant Supports Research in the Most Common Pediatric Soft Tissue Tumor

February 22, 2011
A nearly $2 million grant from the NIH will help investigators at Nationwide Children’s Hospital search for biomarkers that may be linked to the…

Pediatric MS Centers of Excellence Release Findings on Children With MS

December 16, 2010
Researchers from the Network of Pediatric MS Centers of Excellence established by the National Multiple Sclerosis Society have published new findings…

Study to Examine Obesity in Youth and Young Adults with Disabilities

December 16, 2010
While the nation's obesity epidemic is the target of many programs to combat it, few such programs embrace an often-overlooked subgroup –…

Trauma Surgeon Leads Call to Action for Pediatric Applied Trauma Research Network

December 14, 2010
Jeffrey S. Upperman, MD, director of the trauma program at Children's Hospital Los Angeles, has co-authored a call to action for filling a…

Second-Hand Smoke Increases Risk of Invasive Meningococcal Disease in Children

December 2, 2010
Children exposed to second-hand smoke are more likely to get invasive meningococcal disease than children who are not exposed, according to a study…

Locomotor Training Could Help Kids With Spinal Cord Injuries

November 16, 2010
The traditional way to predict whether children can regain movement after spinal cord injuries may exclude a small subset of patients who could…

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