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KemPharm gains FDA approval for prodrug, acetaminophen combination to manage short-term acute pain

February 23, 2018
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ACTIVE: Abaloparatide increases BMD in oldest women subgroup

February 21, 2018
In women aged at least 80 years with osteoporosis, bone mineral density at the total hip, femoral neck and lumbar spine increased during 18 months with abaloparatide…
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Use of one-third tubular plating for fibula fractures may lead to $40 million in annual cost savings

February 21, 2018
General use of one-third tubular plating for fibula fractures may result in cost savings in the United States of up to nearly $40 million annually compared with use of…
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VIDEO: Presenter speaks to management of perioperative pain

February 20, 2018
KOLOA, Hawaii – At Orthopedics Today Hawaii 2018, Robert L. Barrack, MD, discussed ways to manage perioperative pain.
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Biomechanical Comparison of Fully Threaded Solid Cortical Versus Partially Threaded Cannulated Cancellous Screw Fixation for Lisfranc Injuries

Online Advanced Release, January 9, 2018
There currently exists an array of operative strategies to manage Lisfranc injuries. Modular fixation systems present…
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Operative Management Options for Traumatic Anterior Shoulder Instability in Patients Younger Than 30 Years: September 2015

Anterior instability of the glenohumeral joint is a relatively common problem in the young population. Identification…
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VIDEO: Presenter discusses proximal femur fractures

February 2, 2018
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