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Increased risk of ACL reconstruction found among adolescents in level I sports

October 20, 2017

Adolescents who participate in both level I sports and in sport competitions had a significantly increased risk of undergoing primary ACL reconstruction, according to study results.

“Even though we are well-aware of the health benefits of engaging in physical activity for children and adolescents, we should be aware of the high risk of musculoskeletal injuries, especially in level I sports (soccer, handball),” Marianne Brakke Johnsen, MSc, of the Communication and Research Unit for Musculoskeletal Disorders at Oslo University Hospital and faculty of medicine at the University of Oslo, in Norway, told Orthopedics Today.

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Study: Bracing not effective in returning high school athletes to sport after shoulder instability

October 18, 2017
NEW ORLEANS — Bracing was not efficacious as an adjunct method to standard conservative care for shoulder instability in high school athletes, according to results…
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Study cites factors for high-magnitude head impact exposure in youth football

October 18, 2017
Results from this study indicated youth football players who experienced higher levels of head impact exposure were more likely to be “back” players who were…

BLOG: Trochleoplasty update 2017

October 16, 2017
Recurrent patellofemoral instability has defined pathoanatomic risk factors: patella alta, trochlear dysplasia and a lateral tracking vector (increased Q-angle, tibial
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April 4, 2017
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