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VIDEO: Revision surgery for implant failure after pedicle subtraction osteotomy

November 16, 2018
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Standardized multimodal pain protocol reduced pain, opioid consumption after fusion

November 13, 2018
LOS ANGELES — Results presented at the North American Spine Society Annual Meeting showed significant improvement in patients’ average pain scores following…

NuVasive gains FDA 510(k) clearance for porous PEEK implant used in XLIF procedures

November 12, 2018
The NuVasive Cohere Porous PEEK implant has received FDA 510(k) clearance from the FDA. The implant, which involves proprietary patented PEEK technology and 3-D…
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Concussions may increase suicide risk

November 12, 2018
Sustaining a concussion and/or a mild traumatic brain injury was tied to a higher risk for suicide, according to findings of a systematic review recently published in…
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Risk Factors for Pathological Fracture and Metastatic Epidural Spinal Cord Compression in Patients With Spinal Metastases

Orthopedics, January/February 2018, Volume 41 Issue 1
Vertebral pathological fracture and metastatic epidural spinal cord compression (MESCC) due to metastatic cancer…
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Ace the Case: A 72-Year-Old Woman with Several Weeks of Pain and Stiffness in Her Shoulders, Neck, and Pelvic Region

There is no commercial support for this activity.

This “Ace the Case” study will explore the diagnosis and management of a 72-year-old female who complains of several…
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VIDEO: Presenter said GABA analogues reduced postoperative pain, opioid use after posterior spinal fusion

April 3, 2018
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