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MPFL reconstruction using epiphyseal femoral socket can avoid injury in children with patellar instability

November 14, 2019
According to study results, medial patellofemoral ligament reconstruction using an epiphyseal femoral socket with fluoroscopic guidance was an…
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Several factors led to lower quality of life outcomes after MPFL reconstruction

November 13, 2019
Published results showed bilateral symptoms, femoral tunnel position and age at first dislocation were statistically significant predictors of lower…

BLOG: Observations regarding the trochlea morphology in trochlea dysplasia

November 8, 2019
by John P. Fulkerson, MD Dysplasia of the femoral trochlea is complex and variable. Why it occurs is poorly understood. Some believe that trochlea…
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Manipulation under anesthesia, lysis of adhesions found effective for arthrofibrosis after trochleoplasty

November 6, 2019
According to recently published results, manipulation under anesthesia with lysis of adhesions is an effective procedure for patients with…
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Higher rates of instability seen with trochleoplasty alone vs trochleoplasty, MPFL reconstruction for trochlear dysplasia

November 5, 2019
Compared with combined trochleoplasty and medial patellofemoral ligament reconstruction in patients with trochlear dysplasia, trochleoplasty alone…

BLOG: Which outcome measures are valid for patellofemoral instability?

October 10, 2019
by Laurie A. Hiemstra, MD, PhD, FRCSC; and Sarah Kerslake, MSc, BPhty  
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Accurate angle placement may be achieved for tibial tubercle osteotomy without calibrated guides

September 10, 2019
According to a recently published study, high accuracy of the preoperatively planned osteotomy angle for anteromedialization tibial tubercle…
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Medial open-wedge high tibial osteotomy impacts patellofemoral joint alignment, cartilage

September 9, 2019
According to recently published results, medial open-wedge high tibial osteotomy adversely affected the patellofemoral joint. “Overcorrection…
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Surgeon preference for selective vs routine patellar resurfacing linked with greater revision risk

August 31, 2019
Compared with surgeons who prefer to routinely resurface the patella, results of this study indicated that surgeons who prefer selective patellar…
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Suprapatellar plica syndrome linked with complete septum type suprapatellar plicae

August 15, 2019
In a study of patients who had primary arthroscopy, investigators found patients with suprapatellar plica syndrome demonstrated complete septum type…