8 Effective Hiring Questions

November 7, 2017
Technical skills and job experience are important considerations when you're interviewing for new staff, but as a colleague once said to me, "You

Avoid these five reasons that front-desk collections fail

October 2, 2017
With the number of patients who have high-deductible health plans that are climbing even higher, many practices are moving toward an up-front

Six steps for conducting an internal evaluation and management audit

September 19, 2017
Evaluation and management coding patterns are under the microscope. CMS is monitoring evaluation and management code usage by specialty, state and…

Six ways to build the practice ‘brain bank’

September 1, 2017
Benjamin Franklin famously said that an investment in knowledge pays the best dividends. Building a well-trained team can improve efficiency and…
Practice Management Improvement Strategies

Surgeon’s role in the revenue cycle: A blueprint for young surgeons

Orthopedics Today, August 2017
Amy Boyer, MBA
Whether a physician’s compensation is tied directly to productivity or collections, or is indirectly influenced by the overall financial…

Got a good governance agreement? Use this 12-point checklist to find out

August 1, 2017
A governance agreement is a written directive for how a practice’s board of directors is comprised and how it operates. Governance is the way…

Five reports and a dashboard: Review this data every month

July 3, 2017
Running a practice without looking at financial reports is like diagnosing a patient without checking blood pressure or ordering blood work: Chances…