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Stem cell therapy presents strong hype, weak science

Anthony A. Romeo, MD

Patients with epilepsy had high risk for post-shoulder arthroplasty complications

Understanding hip instability helps orthopedists perform revision THA

Negative pressure wound therapy dressing minimized complications in TJA

Severe valgus deformity is manageable with soft tissue release, constrained condylar implant

Compared with other tests, supine Napoleon test better detected subscapularis tears

Diaphyseal filling, eccentric reaming may improve results with modular revision stems

Speaker: Young, active men are ideal for metal-on-metal hip resurfacing

Cover Story

Controversy, cost may not dim potential of stem cells in the shoulder

In the Journals

Study links nonoperative treatment of Achilles tendon ruptures with soleus muscle atrophy

Better results seen with wedge-shaped resection, open-door laminoplasty vs laminoplasty alone

Meeting News

Treatment of shoulder instability with Latarjet procedure led to greater risk of reoperation

Study: Fellowship-trained hand surgeons more likely to treat lateral epicondylitis with an open procedure

Low vitamin D levels associated with higher risk of muscle strain among elite-level football players

VIDEO: Curtis discusses treatment of stiff shoulder

Orthopedic Medical Legal Advisor

Establish fair market value when dealing with industry

B. Sonny Bal, MD, PhD, JD, MBA; Lawrence H. Brenner, JD

Orthopedics Today Grand Rounds

A 62-year-old man with 3-month history of progressive right knee pain

CPT Sally A. Corey, DO; John Bunyasaranand; MAJ William F. Scully, MD; MAJ Jacob C. Rumley, DO; Craig D. Cameron, DO


What is the best current delivery method to ensure mesenchymal stem cells get to the intended target in the shoulder?

Round Tables

Orthopedists, physical therapists discuss rehabilitation as it relates to ACL surgery

Surgical Technique

Noninvasive device helps with elective, traumatic shoulder incision closure

Matthew Binkley, MD; Matthew J. Albrecht, PA-C; Uma Srikumaran, MD, MBA