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EFORT should take lead for EU initiatives that impact patient safety and innovation

Wolfhart Puhl, MD

Understand what editors seek for success with medical writing, publishing

João Vide, MD

Study: Burden of ASD is large, warrants same global attention as diabetes, arthritis

EFORT Approved Events

EFORT ExMex Forum on Lower Extremity Fractures

EU Corner: European Union Health Ministers put patient safety high on political agenda

Four-year study: Anterior knee pain lingers after electrocautery with TKR

Preferential fee to register for the EFORT Congress in Prague

OTE200: Patellar pain management

The EBOT Interim Exam and EBOT Exam: moving forward in 2015

Study links age, gender and OA with higher risk for revision of MoM THA

Subtalar arthroeresis for pediatric flatfoot may allow return to sports activities

Tibial tubercle-to-trochlear groove distance: Is it the best tool for the job?

Beth Shubin Stein, MD; Jacqueline Munch, MD; Jaron Sullivan, MD

Cover Story

Robotics may improve patient outcomes, safety of orthopaedic surgery

In the Journals

Study: Angular stable locking system offers little benefit for treating distal tibial fractures

PRP injection may aid in rehabilitation of hamstring injury

Jumbo acetabular cups may offer advantages in revision arthroplasty

Study shows acceptable reliability for procedures measuring shoulder range of motion

Industry News

Corin Group acquires Optimized Ortho

FTC and EC grant clearance for Medtronic acquisition of Covidien

Smith & Nephew agrees to sell UK production site, product offerings to SWM

Meeting News Coverage

Contemporary polymers have improved outcomes of THA

Speaker: New technology should not supplant use of knee osteotomy

Tranexamic acid may reduce blood loss without increasing thromboembolic rate

Barrack offers a perspective on use of mobile compression device for thrombosis prevention after TJA