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Joint preservation vs. replacement: Be informed, make best decision for patients

Per Kjaersgaard-Andersen, MD

WHO scientist predicts Decade of Action for Road Safety may save 5 million lives

TKR outcomes at NHS treatment center inferior to outcomes in other NHS hospitals

EuroSpine society, foundation work to establish spine surgery specialty in Europe

OTE200: Bisphosphonate fractures

OTE 200: Joint Preservation

Fewer complications with minimal invasive osteosynthesis for displaced calcaneal fractures

Long-term study reveals lower steady state wear with highly crosslinked polyethylene liners

Leucocyte platelet-rich fibrin with rotator cuff repair enhances early vascularization

Cover Story

Joint preservation remains a popular concept, but demands clear indications

In the Journals

Pediatric ultrasound screening decreased number of unnecessary operative procedures in developmental hip dysplasia treatment

Magnetically controlled growing rods safe, effective for scoliosis treatment in skeletally immature patients

Meeting News Coverage

Clinical scores lower than expected with arthroscopic calcific tendinitis treatment

Questionnaire effective for recording knee, shoulder, low back overuse sports injuries

Polyurethane scaffold promotes meniscal regeneration, shows good 2-year results

Meta-analysis shows better short-term results with ACI than microfracture

Venous velocity increases with exercises aimed to enhance calf pump function

Joint unloading system yields better knee function, less pain

Knee microfracture result deteriorates over time in young, competitive athletes

High activity scores provide a lower ceiling effect for patient knee outcome measures

Hallux limitus/rigidus dermal grafting results in good function, minor complications

Early, low postoperative complication rate seen with total and resurfacing hip surgery

CT imaging combination provides insight into joint alignment, loading patterns

Honorary lecturer recommends temporary in situ pinning for slipped capital femoral epiphysis