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Evidence-based orthopaedic treatment: What about PRP?

Per Kjaersgaard-Andersen, MD

Acetabular impaction grafting with proper fixation successful with less than 50% host bone contact

Schulthess Klinik operates through a tradition of interdisciplinary cooperation

Arthroplasty registers improve outcomes, implement PROMs

Autologous chondrocyte implantation recommended for treating large knee lesions

OTE200 survey: Platelet-rich plasma

Women’s higher UKR revision rates possibly related to tibiofemoral angle differences

Retraction pace of tendon and muscle differ after rotator cuff tear

THA patients’ mental health, age and gender found to affect self-perceived outcomes

UKR 2-year survivorship analysis: Patient age, not BMI, affects implant longevity

Ultrasonography superior to radiography in osteoarthritis prediction, study finds

Cover Story

Platelet-rich plasma: Yet to be proven, but studies are on the way

Hand/Upper Extremity

Comparable results achieved with operative, nonoperative treatment of scaphoid fractures

Stratification of arthroscopic shoulder stabilization outcomes equates young age with poorer results

In the Journals

Wound irrigation with povidone-iodine, hydrogen peroxide solution prevented postop spine infections

CT, MRI prone to false-positive, false-negative interpretations

Surgeons use total elbow arthroplasty to treat intercondylar fractures in elderly

Industry News

Data show fast-track arthroplasty ‘package of care management’ reduces length of stay, early complications

Meeting News Coverage

Wait time for surgery is a risk factor for post hip fracture complications in elderly

Infection in one prosthetic joint can lead to infections in others

Transpedicular screw violation of facet joint could lead to adjacent segment degeneration