John D. Kelly IV, MD, is a professor of orthopedic surgery at the University of Pennsylvania. He focuses his blog on helping surgeons reduce stress while achieving balance in their practices and families.

Surviving malpractice

April 30, 2010

I just endured another malpractice case. Practicing in Philly is truly trying. Frivolous lawsuits still abound, and the emotional toll they exact is enormous. During the…

The habit of being significant

April 22, 2010

I recently finished several very busy days of call, meetings, surgeries and speaking engagements. I am slowly, but surely, learning that we cannot be all things to all…

Sleep: Your life depends on it

March 30, 2010

Orthopedic surgeons are accustomed to getting by on less sleep. We were pummeled into submission during residency, and years of trauma call makes us somewhat accustomed…

Thoughts on the health care bill

March 18, 2010

It looks like the health care bill (H.R. 3590) has a good chance of passing. This will only add to the stress we are all experiencing. I am particularly distressed by…

Staying resilient for you, your patients and your family

March 4, 2010

It seems that it is getting tougher to “stay resilient” in these challenging times. The paperwork and demands to work harder and harder appear to be increasing monthly…

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