International Extreme Sports Medicine Congress

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Cyclists tend to recover rapidly from clavicle fractures

June 17, 2014
BOULDER, Colo. — Fixation of displaced fractures in cyclists often allows for rapid mobilization and return to training, according to data…
Meeting News Coverage

Number of skiing injuries decrease as equipment advances

June 16, 2014
BOULDER, Colo. — Skiing has seen its rate of injury decrease with the advancement of athletic equipment, according to a presenter here at the…
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Speaker: Lacerations most common surfing injury

June 15, 2014
BOULDER, Colo. — Surfers sustain lacerations more than any other injury, according to a presenter at the International Extreme Sports Medicine…
Meeting News Coverage

Most BASE jumping injuries found to be severe

June 14, 2014
BOULDER, Colo. — Although the rate of injury for BASE jumpers is fairly low, the injuries are substantial, according to data presented at the…