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Results support efficacy of continuous infusion of peripheral nerve anesthesia for rebound pain after surgery for ankle fracture

May 20, 2014
NEW YORK — Results of a prospective randomized trial presented here indicate use of a continuous popliteal sciatic nerve block reduces rebound…
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Favorable preliminary results reported with radiolucent implant for proximal humerus fracture treatment

May 19, 2014
NEW YORK — Researchers of a retrospective review presented at the International Society for Fracture Repair Meeting, here, showed use of a…
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‘Modest’ reduction in embolic debris seen during reaming, nail insertion with RIA

May 18, 2014
NEW YORK — Researchers of a multicenter, prospective randomized study presented here that compared use of a standard reamer to use of a reamer…
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Reoperation rate of 30% found for open femoral shaft fractures treated with modern techniques

May 17, 2014
NEW YORK — In a retrospective review of 56 patients with open femoral shaft fractures treated at a level 1 trauma center, researchers found…
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Promising early results seen with locked IM nail for proximal humerus fractures

May 16, 2014
NEW YORK — A minimum 1-year follow-up of patients treated with a new locked intramedullary nail designed for proximal humerus fractures shows…