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Osocimab may reduce venous thromboembolism risk after unilateral knee arthroplasty

January 25, 2020
Published results showed certain preoperative and postoperative doses of osocimab used in patients undergoing unilateral knee arthroplasty met…

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VIDEO: CCJR meeting marks 36 years of advancement in joint replacement surgery

January 23, 2020
ORLANDO — At the Current Concepts in Joint Replacement Winter Meeting, A. Seth Greenwald, DPhil (Oxon), discussed the impact the meeting has…

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VIDEO: Orthopedics Today Hawaii covers topics important to orthopedic surgeons

January 23, 2020
KOLOA, Hawaii — At Orthopedics Today Hawaii, Anthony A. Romeo, MD, highlighted important topics for orthopedic surgeons discussed at the…

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Pharmacogenetic testing may inform pain management after surgery

January 22, 2020
ORLANDO — Pharmacogenetic testing may determine which patients will respond well to conventional drugs or who may need alternative drugs during…

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Participation in BPCI for joint replacement surgery linked with decreased episode spending

January 19, 2020
Under the Bundled Payments for Care Improvement program, participation in bundled payment for lower extremity joint replacement for 3 years…

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Fragility significantly correlated with complications after TKA

January 18, 2020
According to study results, one-fifth of patients who underwent primary and revision total knee arthroplasty were classified as frail and were at a…


VIDEO: More stem cells needed to improve arthritis pain relief

January 17, 2020
KOLOA, Hawaii — At Orthopedics Today Hawaii, Jack M. Bert, MD, spoke about the concept of injectables for arthritis. Injectables, such as…

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Medially stabilized TKR designs are more sagittally stable

January 16, 2020
KOLOA, Hawaii — Medially stabilized TKR designs are more sagittally stable and studies have shown better patient-reported outcomes with their…

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Medially stabilized TKR designs are more sagittally stable

Orthopaedics Today Europe, January 2020
KOLOA, Hawaii — Medially stabilized TKR designs are more sagittally stable and studies have shown better patient-reported outcomes with their…

Povidone-iodine irrigation may not reduce infection risk in TJA

Orthopedics Today, January 2020
No decrease occurred in the risk of infection or reoperation for infection when dilute povidone-iodine irrigation was used in primary or revision…

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Tibial cartilage loss universal among older adults, exacerbated by age, higher BMI

January 13, 2020
Cartilage volume in the tibiofemoral joint decreases at a faster rate with increasing age and higher BMI in both men and women, especially in the…

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Pre-TJA mind/body therapy improved postoperative patient-reported outcomes

January 10, 2020
DALLAS — Patients who underwent preoperative mindfulness training prior to total joint arthroplasty as part of a three-arm randomized trial…

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Genicular artery embolization reduced inflammation, pain secondary to knee OA

January 9, 2020
Genicular artery embolization is safe and potentially efficacious in the treatment of knee pain secondary to osteoarthritis, according to data…

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Better outcomes after TKA with articulating vs static spacers

January 7, 2020
ORLANDO — Use of an articulating spacer in patients with chronic periprosthetic joint infection undergoing primary total knee arthroplasty…

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Preoperative bone scan useful in patient selection for patellofemoral joint arthroplasty

January 6, 2020
According to study results, a preoperative bone scan to confirm isolated patellofemoral arthritis may be useful to help select patients for…

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Manipulation under anesthesia helps mitigate knee stiffness after TKA

January 2, 2020
ORLANDO — Eliminating knee swelling with elevation of the leg or a directed exercise program is a first step to managing knee stiff in a…

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Possibilities for UKA as encountered by the experts

Orthopaedics Today Europe, January 2020
The increasing number of elderly people who wish to maintain mobility throughout their lives keeps challenging the health care system. In particular…

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Liposomal Bupivacaine Offers No Benefit Over Ropivacaine for Multimodal Periarticular Injection in Total Knee Arthroplasty

Online Advanced Release, December 31, 2019
Local infiltration analgesia has become a mainstay of pain control for total knee arthroplasty. This study compared the efficacy and cost between…


Unicompartmental arthroplasty for osteonecrosis yielded low failure rate

December 27, 2019
Results published in the Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery showed an estimated 5-year survival rate of 94.7% for patients with advanced-stage focal…

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Order of THA, TKA does not impact length of stay in patients with arthritis

December 26, 2019
Based on cost-related length of stay and discharge disposition in patients who had coexisting hip arthritis and knee arthritis, results of a recently…