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Congratulations to the 2017 Blue Ribbon Article Award Winners

All Feature, Review, and Case Report articles submitted to ORTHOPEDICS are judged according to the following criteria: importance to clinical orthopedic care, quality of the written report, and broad interest to the orthopedic surgeon or a groundbreaking article with a narrower topic. During the peer review process, members of the Journal's Editorial Board and Review Panel rate articles according to these criteria, identifying those worthy of Blue Ribbon status. The Editors make the final decisions. Blue Ribbon Articles are published in the print edition of ORTHOPEDICS, as well as online. Articles not chosen for Blue Ribbon status are published online only. The articles listed below received Blue Ribbon designation in 2017. For more information on the Blue Ribbon selection process, see http://www.healio.com/orthopedics/journals/ortho/submit-an-article.

January/February 2017

  • Neck Pain, Preoperative Opioids, and Functionality After Cervical Fusion by Mhamad Faour, MD; Joshua T. Anderson, BS; Arnold R. Haas, BS, BA; Rick Percy, PhD; Stephen T. Woods, MD; Uri M. Ahn, MD; Nicholas U. Ahn, MD

  • Serum Cartilage Biomarkers and Shoulder Instability by Brett D. Owens, MD; Kenneth L. Cameron, PhD, MPH, ATC; Steven L. Bokshan, MD; Kari B. Clifton, PhD; Steven J. Svoboda, MD; Jennifer Moriatis Wolf, MD

  • Chronic Quadriceps Tendon Rupture After Total Knee Arthroplasty Augmented With Synthetic Mesh by Amaia Ormaza, MD; Jesús Moreta, MD, FEBOT; Javier Mosquera, MD; Oskar Sáez de Ugarte, MD; José Luis Martínez-de los Mozos, MD

  • Patient Satisfaction Is Associated With Time With Provider But Not Clinic Wait Time Among Orthopedic Patients by Brendan M. Patterson, MD, MPH; Scott M. Eskildsen, MD; R. Carter Clement, MD, MBA; Feng-Chang Lin, PhD; Christopher W. Olcott, MD; Daniel J. Del Gaizo, MD; Joshua N. Tennant, MD, MPH

  • Effects of Tumor Necrosis Factor Inhibitor on Stress-Shielded Tendons by Kang Chen, MD; Ping Li, MD; Huakun Zhao, MD; Xiaoyan Yan, MD; Yanhong Ma, MD

  • Intraoperative Hypothermia in Total Hip and Knee Arthroplasty by Nicholas B. Frisch, MD, MBA; Andrew M. Pepper, MD; Edward Rooney, BS; Craig Silverton, DO

March/April 2017

  • Short Versus Long Cephalomedullary Nails for Pertrochanteric Hip Fracture by Nicholas B. Frisch, MD, MBA; Nickolas J. Nahm, MD; Jad G. Khalil, MD; Clifford M. Les, DVM, PhD; Stuart T. Guthrie, MD; Michael A. Charters, MD, MS

  • Thermal Conductivity of Human Bone in Cryoprobe Freezing as Related to Density by Kyle E. Walker, MD; Todd Baldini, MSc; Bennie G. Lindeque, MD, PhD

  • Accuracy of Ultrasound-Guided Intra-articular Hip Injections Performed in the Orthopedic Clinic by Todd P. Balog, MD; Blair B. Rhodehouse, DO; Eric K. Turner, MD; John M. Slevin, PA; Lisabeth A. Bush, MD; Jason A. Grassbaugh, MD; Bryant G. Marchant, MD

  • Variation in Optimal Sagittal Alignment of the Femoral Component in Total Knee Arthroplasty by Brandon Hood, MD; Laura Blum, MD; Sven A. Holcombe, BEng; Stewart C. Wang, MD, PhD; Andrew G. Urquhart, MD; James A. Goulet, MD; Joseph D. Maratt, MD

  • Rivaroxaban for Thromboprophylaxis After Nonelective Orthopedic Trauma Surgery in Switzerland by Pierre Hoffmeyer, MD; Hanspeter Simmen, MD; Marcel Jakob, MD; Christoph Sommer, MD; Andreas Platz, MD; Thomas Ilchmann, MD, PhD; Erik Grossen, MD; Christian Ryf, MD; Panayiotis Christofilopoulos, MD; Michael Schueler, MD; Michael Rud Lassen, MD; Markus Rimle, PhD; Urs E. Gasser, PhD

  • Diagnosis and Management of Distal Clavicle Osteolysis by Steven F. DeFroda, MD, MEng; Christopher Nacca, MD; Gregory R. Waryasz, MD; Brett D. Owens, MD

May/June 2017

  • Quantitative Anatomical Differences in the Shoulder by Usman Ali Mohammed Syed, BS; Daniel E. Davis, MD, MS; Jia-wei Ko, MD; Brian K. Lee, MD; Daniel Huttman, MD; Adam Seidl, MD; Carl Deirmengian, MD; Joseph A. Abboud, MD

  • Early Postoperative Displacement of Combined Pelvic Ring Injury With Acetabular Fracture by Arthur E. Hess, MD; Herman S. Johal, MD; Robert V. O'Toole, MD; Jason W. Nascone, MD

  • Avascular Necrosis Is Associated With Increased Transfusions and Readmission Following Primary Total Hip Arthroplasty by Francis C. Lovecchio, MD; John Paul Manalo, MD; Alysen Demzik, BS; Shawn Sahota, MD; Matthew Beal, MD; David Manning, MD

  • Effect of Humeral Component Version on Outcomes in Reverse Shoulder Arthroplasty by Alexander W. Aleem, MD; Brian T. Feeley, MD; Luke S. Austin, MD; C. Benjamin Ma, MD; Ryan J. Krupp, MD; Matthew L. Ramsey, MD; Charles L. Getz, MD

  • Posterior Cortical Axis: A New Landmark to Control Femoral Component Rotation in Total Knee Arthroplasty by Doerte Matziolis, MD; Marius Meiser; Norbert Sieber, MD; Ulf Teichgräber, PhD; Georg Matziolis, PhD

July/August 2017

  • Use of Articulating Spacer Technique in Revision Total Knee Arthroplasty Complicated by Sepsis: A Systematic Meta-Analysis by John C. Spivey, MD; George N. Guild III, MD; Giles R. Scuderi, MD

  • An Assessment of the Safety of an Orthopedic Specialty Hospital: A 5-Year Experience by Eric M. Padegimas, MD; Matthew L. Ramsey, MD; Matthew Austin, MD; Javad Parvizi, MD, FRCS; Gerald R. Williams, MD; Kelly Doyle, MSN; Michael E. West, CPA, MBA; Richard H. Rothman, MD, PhD; Alexander R. Vaccaro, MD, PhD; Surena Namdari, MD, MSc

  • Inadequacy of Joint Aspiration for Detection of Persistent Periprosthetic Infection During Two-Stage Septic Revision Knee Surgery by Bernd Preininger, MD; Viktor Janz, MD; Philipp von Roth, MD; Andrej Trampuz, MD; Carsten F. Perka, MD; Tilman Pfitzner, MD

  • The Implications of Inaccuracy: Comparison of Coding in Heterotopic Ossification and Associated Trauma by Matt Fury, BS; Mitchell John, BS; Stuart Schexnayder, BS; Harry Molligan, MD; Olivia Lee, MD; Peter Krause, MD; Vinod Dasa, MD

  • Concordance of Patient and Physician Perceptions of Care in an Orthopedic Clinic by Kelly Zhang, BA; Charles Day, MD, MBA; Matthew L. Iorio, MD

  • The Crush Index: Orthopedic Trauma as an Economic Indicator by Armin Arshi, MD; Justin H. Barad, MD; Riki K. Patel, MS; J. Ben Allis, MD; Nelson F. Soohoo, MD; Eric E. Johnson, MD

September/October 2017

  • Perioperative Management of Rheumatoid Medications in Orthopedic Surgery by Kunal Sindhu, BA; Brian Cohen, MD; Joseph A. Gil, MD

  • Procedural Sedation With Ketamine Versus Propofol for Closed Reduction of Pediatric Both Bone Forearm Fractures by Todd Morrison, MD; Chris Carender, BS; Brendan Kilbane, MD; Raymond W. Liu, MD

  • Surgical Efficiency of Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction in Outpatient Surgical Center Versus Hospital Operating Room by Nathan C. Patrick, MD; Christopher A. Kowalski, MD; William L. Hennrikus, MD

  • Provider-Initiated Patient Satisfaction Reporting Yields Improved Physician Ratings Relative to Online Rating Websites by Benjamin F. Ricciardi, MD; Brad S. Waddell, MD; Scott R. Nodzo, MD; Jeffrey Lange, MD; Allina A. Nocon, MPH; Spencer Amundsen, MD; T. David Tarity, MD; Alexander S. McLawhorn, MD, MBA

  • A Modified Lateral Approach for Total Knee Replacement in Type 2 Valgus Deformity by Matthias Aurich, MD, DSc; Mark Lenz, MD, DSc; Norman Best, MD

November/December 2017

  • Modularity in Total Hip Arthroplasty: Benefits, Risks, Mechanisms, Diagnosis, and Management by Ben M. Vierra, BS; Sarah R. Blumenthal, BS; Derek F. Amanatullah, MD, PhD

  • Fracture Severity Based on Classification Does Not Predict Outcome Following Proximal Humerus Fracture by Nina D. Fisher, BS; James M. Barger, MD; Adam S. Driesman, MD; Rebekah Belayneh, BS; Sanjit R. Konda, MD; Kenneth A. Egol, MD

  • Factors Influencing Patients' Hospital Rating After Total Joint Arthroplasty by Jaydev B. Mistry, MD; Chukwuweike U. Gwam, MD; Morad Chughtai, MD; Anton Khlopas, MD; Prem Ramkumar, MD; Nicolas S. Piuzzi, MD; George Muschler, MD; Steven F. Harwin, MD; Michael A. Mont, MD; Ronald E. Delanois, MD



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