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Past Issue
  • March 2015
  • Volume 38 · Issue 3
Radiologic Case Study

Dialysis-Related Amyloidosis

Frederic H. Pollock, MD; Yehuda A. Michelov, DO; James P. Maurer, DO; Milton Plata, MD; Aaron Sop, DO

Orthopedics. 2015;38(3):150, 205-207 https://doi.org/10.3928/01477447-20150305-01

Letter to the Editor
Guest Editorial
Tips & Techniques
The Cutting Edge

Orthopedic Surgery Fellowships: The Effects of Interviewing and How Residents Establish a Rank List

Matthew C. Niesen, MD; Jeffrey Wong, MD; Edward Ebramzadeh, PhD; Sophia Sangiorgio, PhD; Nelson Fong SooHoo, MD; James V. Luck, MD; Jeffrey Eckardt, MD

Orthopedics. 2015;38(3):175-179 https://doi.org/10.3928/01477447-20150305-05

Sports Medicine Update

Management of Medial-Sided Knee Injuries

Michael Elliott, DO; Darren L. Johnson, MD

Orthopedics. 2015;38(3):180-184 https://doi.org/10.3928/01477447-20150305-06

CME Review Article

Femoroacetabular Impingement: Current Concepts in Diagnosis and Treatment

Derek F. Amanatullah, MD, PhD; Tomasz Antkowiak, MD; Krushen Pillay, MS; Jay Patel, MD; Motasem Refaat, MD; Chrisoula A. Toupadakis, PhD; Amir A. Jamali, MD

Orthopedics. 2015;38(3):185-199 https://doi.org/10.3928/01477447-20150305-07

Feature Article

Far Cortical Locking Screws in Distal Femur Fractures

John D. Adams Jr, MD; Stephanie L. Tanner, MS; Kyle J. Jeray, MD

Orthopedics. 2015;38(3):e153-e156 https://doi.org/10.3928/01477447-20150305-50

Effect of Repeated Manipulation on Range of Motion in Patients With Stiff Total Knee Arthroplasty

Ho-Rim Choi, MD; John M. Siliski, MD; Henrik Malchau, MD, PhD; Young-Min Kwon, MD, PhD

Orthopedics. 2015;38(3):e157-e162 https://doi.org/10.3928/01477447-20150305-51

Trabecular Bone Microarchitecture and Characteristics in Different Regions of the Glenoid

Xinning Li, MD; Phillip Williams, MD; Emily J. Curry, BA; Daniel Choi, MEng; Edward V. Craig, MPH, MD; Russell F. Warren, MD; Lawrence V. Gulotta, MD; Timothy Wright, PhD

Orthopedics. 2015;38(3):e163-e168 https://doi.org/10.3928/01477447-20150305-52

Agreement Among ASES Members on the AAOS Clinical Practice Guidelines

E. Scott Paxton, MD; Jonas L. Matzon, MD; Alexa C. Narzikul, BA; Pedro K. Beredjiklian, MD; Joseph A. Abboud, MD

Orthopedics. 2015;38(3):e169-e177 https://doi.org/10.3928/01477447-20150305-53

Patient-Specific Instrumentation Does Not Improve Accuracy in Total Knee Arthroplasty

Chong Shen, MD; Zhi-Hong Tang, MD; Jun-Zu Hu, MD; Guo-Yao Zou, MD; Rong-Chi Xiao, MD; Dong-Xue Yan, MD

Orthopedics. 2015;38(3):e178-e188 https://doi.org/10.3928/01477447-20150305-54

Surgical Indications for Distal Tibial Epiphyseal Fractures in Children

Haoqi Cai, MD; Zhigang Wang, MD; Haiqing Cai, MD

Orthopedics. 2015;38(3):e189-e195 https://doi.org/10.3928/01477447-20150305-55

Hyperbaric Oxygen for Stage I and II Femoral Head Osteonecrosis

Lior Koren, MD; Eyal Ginesin, MD; Yehuda Melamed, MD; Doron Norman, MD; Daniel Levin, MD; Eli Peled, MD

Orthopedics. 2015;38(3):e200-e205 https://doi.org/10.3928/01477447-20150305-57

Standard Versus High-Flexion Posterior Stabilized Total Knee Prostheses

Ning Li, PhD; Junwei Li, PhD; Peng Li, PhD; Dan Wang, PhD; Ming Liu, PhD; Lei Xia, PhD

Orthopedics. 2015;38(3):e206-e212 https://doi.org/10.3928/01477447-20150305-58

Effect of Decortications on Union Rate of Tibial Plating

Mohammad Hallaj Moghaddam, MD; Ehsan Vahedi, MD

Orthopedics. 2015;38(3):e213-e216 https://doi.org/10.3928/01477447-20150305-59

A Novel Technique Using Sensor-Based Technology to Evaluate Tibial Tray Rotation

Martin W. Roche, MD; Leah C. Elson, BSc; Christopher R. Anderson, MSc

Orthopedics. 2015;38(3):e217-e222 https://doi.org/10.3928/01477447-20150305-60

Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields After Rotator Cuff Repair: A Randomized, Controlled Study

Leonardo Osti, MD; Angelo Del Buono, MD; Nicola Maffulli, MD, MS, PhD, FRCS(Orth)

Orthopedics. 2015;38(3):e223-e228 https://doi.org/10.3928/01477447-20150305-61

Preliminary Trauma Radiographs Misrepresent Pubic Diastasis Injuries

Timothy T. Roberts, MD; Jason P. Tartaglione, MD; Timothy P. Dooley, MD; Dean N. Papaliodis, MD; Michael T. Mulligan, MD; Kaushik Bagchi, MD

Orthopedics. 2015;38(3):e229-e233 https://doi.org/10.3928/01477447-20150305-62

Case Report

Modular Hip Implant Fracture at the Stem-Sleeve Interface

Thomas Parisi, MD, JD; Brian Burroughs, MD; Young-Min Kwon, MD, PhD

Orthopedics. 2015;38(3):e234-e239 https://doi.org/10.3928/01477447-20150305-91

Bicondylar Tibial Plateau Fracture After Posterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction

Michael J. Griesser, MD; Brett W. McCoy, MD; Waqas M. Hussain, MD; Paul Saluan, MD

Orthopedics. 2015;38(3):e240-e243 https://doi.org/10.3928/01477447-20150305-92

Treatment of Symptomatic Intraosseous Pneumatocyst Using Intraoperative Navigation

Peter M. Formby, MD; Daniel G. Kang, MD; Benjamin K. Potter, MD; Jonathan A. Forsberg, MD

Orthopedics. 2015;38(3):e244-e247 https://doi.org/10.3928/01477447-20150305-93

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