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  • August 2014
  • Volume 37 · Issue 8
Table of Contents
Radiologic Case Study
Letter to the Editor
Guest Editorial

The Need for Musculoskeletal Education in Primary Care Residencies

Danielle L. Scher, MD; Joel V. Ferreira, MD; Mark Cote, DPT, MSCTR; Amr Abdelgawad, MD; Jennifer M. Wolf, MD

Tips & Techniques

Reconstruction of Neglected Patellar Tendon Ruptures Using the Quadriceps Graft

João Luiz Ellera Gomes, MD, PhD; Jairo André de Oliveira Alves, MD; José Mauro Zimmermann, MD

Tips & Techniques

Adolescent Hallux Valgus Revisited

Tyler J. Marshall, MD; Joseph R. Shung, BS; Joseph G. Khoury, MD

The Cutting Edge

The Application of Cryoprobe Therapy in Orthopedic Oncology

Kyle Walker, MD; Bennie Lindeque, MD, PhD

Trauma Update

Acute Fractures of the Tarsal Navicular

Andrew J. Rosenbaum, MD; Richard L. Uhl, MD; John A. DiPreta, MD

CME Review Article

Adjacent Segment Disease

Sohrab S. Virk, MD, MBA; Steven Niedermeier, BS; Elizabeth Yu, MD; Safdar N. Khan, MD

Feature Article

Calcium Carbonate Powder Containing Gentamicin for Mixing With Bone Grafts

Michael Nogler, MD; Johann Hausdorfer, MD; Debora Coraca-Huber, PhD; Manfred Fille, MD; Klaus-Dieter Kühn, PhD

Feature Article

Patient Satisfaction With Mobile Compression Devices Following Total Hip Arthroplasty

Craig J. McAsey, MD; Jeanine M. Gargiulo, PA-C; Nancy L. Parks, MS; William G. Hamilton, MD

Feature Article

Popliteal Cysts: A Current Review

Alyssa M. Herman, BS; John M. Marzo, MD

Feature Article

Extension and Flexion Gap Balancing and Its Correlation With Alignment in Navigated Total Knee Arthroplasty

Pedro Debieux, MD; José Renato Lemos Marques de Oliveira, MD; Carlos Eduardo da Silveira Franciozi, MD, PhD; Marcelo Seiji Kubota, MD; Geraldo Granata, MD, PhD; Marcus Vinícius Malheiros Luzo, MD, PhD

Feature Article

Clinical Outcomes of Single-row Arthroscopic Revision Rotator Cuff Repair

Michael J. Chuang, MD; Jason Jancosko, DO, MPT; Wesley M. Nottage, MD

Feature Article

Schatzker Type IV Medial Tibial Plateau Fractures: A Computed Tomography–based Morphological Subclassification

Shi-Min Chang, MD, PhD; Qing Li, MD; Zhen Guo, MD; Ying-Qi Zhang, MD; Meng-Wei Yao, MD; Shou-Chao Du, MD

Feature Article

In Vivo Model to Measure Bone Repair Efficacy of Nanoparticle-based Drug Delivery

R. Michael Ackerson, MD; Laura C. Shum, BS; Andrew R. Berry, MD; Allan L. Bucknell, MD; Karen B. King, PhD

Feature Article

Treatment of Segmental Tibial Fractures With Supercutaneous Plating

Xianfeng He, MD; Jingwei Zhang, MD; Ming Li, MD; Yihui Yu, MD; Limei Zhu, MD

Feature Article
Feature Article

Performance and Return-to-Sport After ACL Reconstruction in NFL Quarterbacks

Brandon J. Erickson, MD; Joshua D. Harris, MD; Jacob R. Heninger, BS; Rachel Frank, MD; Charles A. Bush-Joseph, MD; Nikhil N. Verma, MD; Brian J. Cole, MD, MBA; Bernard R. Bach, MD

Case Report
Case Report

Markedly Elevated Intra-articular White Cell Count Caused by Gout Alone

Brian M. Schulz, MD; Jonathan P. Watling, MD; J. Turner Vosseller, MD; Robert J. Strauch, MD

Case Report

Ulnar Neuropathy as a Result of Anconeus Epitrochlearis

Kate Nellans, MD, MPH; Balazs Galdi, MD; H. Mike Kim, MD; William N. Levine, MD

Case Report

Dermal Burn During Hip Arthroscopy

Brian Curtin, MD; Ilvy Friebe, MD

Case Report

A Rare Case of Acetabulum Osteomyelitis Mimicking Bone Sarcoma

Konstantinos Anagnostakos, MD; Eduard Schmitt, MD; Patrick Orth, MD