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Past Issue
  • April 2012
  • Volume 35 · Issue 4
Radiologic Case Study

Your Diagnosis?

Michael P. Silverstein, BS; Isador H. Lieberman, MD; Selvon St. Clair, MD, PhD; Mark Kayanja, MD, PhD; Laura W. Bancroft, MD

Orthopedics. 2012;35(4):257, 344-347 https://doi.org/10.3928/01477447-20120327-02

Tips & Techniques

Infections in Orthopedics

Albert Aboulafia, MD

Orthopedics. 2012;35(4):292-293 https://doi.org/10.3928/01477447-20120327-04

The Cutting Edge

Effect of Social Media in Health Care and Orthopedic Surgery

Jenine Saleh; Brooke S. Robinson, MPH; Nathan W. Kugler, MSIV; Kenneth D. Illingworth, MD; Pranay Patel, MSIV; Khaled J. Saleh, BSc, MD, MSc, FRCS(C), MHCM

Orthopedics. 2012;35(4):294-297 https://doi.org/10.3928/01477447-20120327-05

Pharmacology Update

Preventing the Harm of a Closer Look: Contrast-induced Nephropathy in Adults

Martina C. Holder, PharmD; Daniel A. Lewis, PharmD, BCPS; P. Shane Winstead, PharmD

Orthopedics. 2012;35(4):298-303 https://doi.org/10.3928/01477447-20120327-06

Trauma Update

Evolution and Development of the Advanced Trauma Life Support (ATLS) Protocol: A Historical Perspective

David S. Radvinsky, MD; Richard S. Yoon, MD; Paul J. Schmitt, MD; Charles J. Prestigiacomo, MD; Kenneth G. Swan, MD; Frank A. Liporace, MD

Orthopedics. 2012;35(4):305-311 https://doi.org/10.3928/01477447-20120327-07

Evidence-based Medicine
Ask the Experts

Management of an Infected THA

Gwo-Chin Lee, MD; Raymond H. Kim, MD; Bryan D. Springer, MD; Sebastién Lustig, MD, PhD

Orthopedics. 2012;35(4):316-319 https://doi.org/10.3928/01477447-20120327-09

CME Review Article

Cam Morphology in the Human Hip

Vincent Y. Ng, MD; Thomas J. Ellis, MD

Orthopedics. 2012;35(4):320-327 https://doi.org/10.3928/01477447-20120327-10

Feature Article

Complications in Total Knee Arthroplasty After High Tibial Osteotomy

Luis A. Farfalli, MD; Germán L. Farfalli, MD; Luis A. Aponte-Tinao, MD

Orthopedics. 2012;35(4):e464-e468 https://doi.org/10.3928/01477447-20120327-21

Heat Generated With Pegged or Keeled Glenoid Components Fixed With Defined Amounts of Cement

Kelly A. Martens, MD; Sara L. Edwards, MD; Imran M. Omar, MD; Matthew D. Saltzman, MD

Orthopedics. 2012;35(4):e469-e473 https://doi.org/10.3928/01477447-20120327-14

Matrix Metalloproteinase Levels as a Marker for Rotator Cuff Tears

Jinny Jacob, MS; Eric Eisemon, MD; Shahin Sheibani-Rad, MD; Archit Patel, MD; Theresa Jacob, PhD, MPH; Jackc Houeka, MD

Orthopedics. 2012;35(4):e474-e478 https://doi.org/10.3928/01477447-20120327-18

Bilateral Anatomic Total Shoulder Arthroplasty Versus Reverse Shoulder Arthroplasty

Vaqar Latif, MD; Patrick J. Denard, MD; Allan A. Young, MD; Jean-Pierre Liotard, MD; Gllies Walch, MD

Orthopedics. 2012;35(4):e479-e485 https://doi.org/10.3928/01477447-20120327-25

Treatment of Compartment Syndrome of the Thigh Associated With Acute Renal Failure After the Wenchuan Earthquake

Xin Duan, MD; Kaiwei Zhang, MD; Gang Zhong, MD; Shiqiang Cen, MD; Fuguo Huang, MD; Jingtong Lv, MB; Zhou Xiang, MD, PhD

Orthopedics. 2012;35(4):e486-e490 https://doi.org/10.3928/01477447-20120327-17

Retrograde Nailing of a Femoral Supracondyle

Chi-Chuan Wu, MD; Ching-Lung Tai, PhD

Orthopedics. 2012;35(4):e491-e496 https://doi.org/10.3928/01477447-20120327-20

Arthroscopic Pancapsular Plication for Multidirectional Shoulder Instability in Overhead Athletes

Hsiao-Li Ma, MD; Hui-Kuang Huang, MD; En-Rung Chiang, MD; Shih-Tein Wang, MD; Shih-Chieh Hung, MD; Chein-Lin Liu, MD

Orthopedics. 2012;35(4):e497-e502 https://doi.org/10.3928/01477447-20120327-15

Characterization of Daptomycin-loaded Antibiotic Cement

Lige Kaplan, MD; Michael Kurdziel, MS; Kevin C. Baker, PhD; James Verner, MD

Orthopedics. 2012;35(4):e503-e509 https://doi.org/10.3928/01477447-20120327-19

Hepatitis C Viral Infection as an Associated Risk Factor for Necrotizing Fasciitis

Danielle Scher, MD; Enes Kanlic, MD; Julia Bader, PhD; Melchor Ortiz, MD; Amr Abdelgawad, MD

Orthopedics. 2012;35(4):e510-e513 https://doi.org/10.3928/01477447-20120327-43

Rate of Adverse Reactions to More Than 1 Series of Viscosupplementation

Tracy A. Webber, MD; Anthony E. Webber, MD; Elizabeth Matzkin, MD

Orthopedics. 2012;35(4):e514-e519 https://doi.org/10.3928/01477447-20120327-26

Platelet-rich Plasma Reverses the Inhibition of Tenocytes and Osteoblasts in Tendon–Bone Healing

Wenliang Zhai, MD; Nan Wang, MD; Zhi Qi, PhD; Quan Gao, MD; Liren Yi, MD

Orthopedics. 2012;35(4):e520-e525 https://doi.org/10.3928/01477447-20120327-22

Effects of Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Frequencies on the Osteogenic Differentiation of Human Mesenchymal Stem Cells

Fei Luo, PhD; Tianyong Hou, PhD; Zehua Zhang, PhD; Zhao Xie, PhD; Xuehui Wu, PhD; Jianzhong Xu, PhD

Orthopedics. 2012;35(4):e526-e531 https://doi.org/10.3928/01477447-20120327-11

Knot Security: How Many Throws Does It Really Take?

John E. Tidwell, MD; Vincent L. Kish, AS; Julie B. Samora, MD, PhD

Orthopedics. 2012;35(4):e532-e537 https://doi.org/10.3928/01477447-20120327-16

Nonoperative Treatment of Displaced Type II Odontoid Peg Fractures With a Philadelphia Collar

Vinay Singh, MRCS, MCh(Orth), Dip(SEM); Samik Banerjee, MBBS, MS(Orth), MRCS; Smart Onukaogu, MBBS; Pankaj Singh, MBBS, MS, MRCS; James Leitao, MBBS, MS

Orthopedics. 2012;35(4):e538-e542 https://doi.org/10.3928/01477447-20120327-23

Expansive Open-door Laminoplasty With Titanium Miniplate Versus Sutures

Guangdong Chen, MD; Zongping Luo, MD, PhD; Badri Nalajala, MD; Tao Liu, MD, PhD; Huilin Yang, MD, PhD

Orthopedics. 2012;35(4):e543-e548 https://doi.org/10.3928/01477447-20120327-24

Financial Debt of Orthopedic Residents

John S. Hwang, BS; Kathleen S. Beebe, MD; Joseph Benevenia, MD; Briette Karanfilian; Wayne S. Berberian, MD

Orthopedics. 2012;35(4):e549-e554 https://doi.org/10.3928/01477447-20120327-27

Trends in the Orthopedic Job Market and the Importance of Fellowship Subspecialty Training

Nathan T. Morrell, MD; Deana M. Mercer, MD; Moheb S. Moneim, MD

Orthopedics. 2012;35(4):e555-e560 https://doi.org/10.3928/01477447-20120327-13

Case Report

Late Liner Disassociation of a Pinnacle System Acetabular Component

Stephanie W. Mayer, MD; Samuel S. Wellman, MD; Michael P. Bolognesi, MD; David E. Attarian, MD

Orthopedics. 2012;35(4):e561-e565 https://doi.org/10.3928/01477447-20120327-29

Deep External Pudendal Artery Injury After Percutaneous Adductor Tenotomy During THA in Ankylosing Spondylitis

Andrea Sandri, MD; Darior Egis, MD; Marco Andrea Marino, MD; Simone Perandini, MD; Ingrid Bonetti, MD; Mirko Toso, MD

Orthopedics. 2012;35(4):e566-e569 https://doi.org/10.3928/01477447-20120327-35

Acetabular Liner Revision Using an Anterolateral Approach

Tomonori Shigemura, MD; Shunji Kishida, MD; Junichin Akamura, MD; Munenori Takeshita, MD; Makoto Takazawa, MD; Yoshitadah Arada, MD

Orthopedics. 2012;35(4):e570-e573 https://doi.org/10.3928/01477447-20120327-36

Familial Association of Femoral Trochlear Dysplasia With Recurrent Bilateral Patellar Dislocation

Brian J. Rebolledo, MD; Denis Nam, MD; Michael B. Cross, MD; Daniel W. Green, MD; Thomas P. Sculco, MD

Orthopedics. 2012;35(4):e574-e579 https://doi.org/10.3928/01477447-20120327-30

Collagen Type V Polymorphism in Spontaneous Quadriceps Tendon Ruptures

Olimpio Galasso, MD; Enrico Iaccino, MD, PhD; Luca Gallelli, MD, PhD; Ida Perrotta, PhD; Francesco Conforti, MD; Giuseppe Donato, MD; Giorgio Gasparini, MD

Orthopedics. 2012;35(4):e580-e584 https://doi.org/10.3928/01477447-20120327-31

Complete Anterior Knee Dislocation 16 Years After Cruciate-retaining Total Knee Arthroplasty

Yusuke Sato, MD; Masahiko Saito, MD; Ryuichiro Akagi, MD; Masahiko Suzuki, MD, PhD; Tatsuya Kobayashi, MD, PhD; Takahisa Sasho, MD, PhD

Orthopedics. 2012;35(4):e585-e588 https://doi.org/10.3928/01477447-20120327-33

Neuritis Ossificans of the Radial Nerve

Nasir Muzaffar, MBBS, MS; Nawaz Ahmad, MBBS, MS; Aejaz Bhat, MBBS; Nissar Shah, MBBS

Orthopedics. 2012;35(4):e589-e591 https://doi.org/10.3928/01477447-20120327-39

Acute Tibialis Posterior Tendon Rupture Associated With a Distal Tibial Fracture

Hannah C. Jarvis, MBBS, BSc(Hons), MRCS(Eng); Lisa K. Cannada, MD

Orthopedics. 2012;35(4):e595-e597 https://doi.org/10.3928/01477447-20120327-32

Lower-extremity Soft Tissue Infections With Intra-abdominal Sources

Ryan K. Harrison, MD; Jill C. Wilmoth, MD; Michael J. Griesser, MD; Jeffrey F. Granger, MD

Orthopedics. 2012;35(4):e598-e602 https://doi.org/10.3928/01477447-20120327-41

Daptomycin Resistance in Prosthetic Joint Infections

Brahman Sivakumar, MD; Praveen Vijaysegaran, MD; Alex Chaudhuri, MD; Scott Crawford, MD; Michael Ottley, MD

Orthopedics. 2012;35(4):e603-e606 https://doi.org/10.3928/01477447-20120327-42

Tendon Sheath Fibroma in the Thigh

Vincent M. Moretti, MD; Adedayo O. Ashana, BA; Michael de la Cruz, MD; Richard D. Lackman, MD

Orthopedics. 2012;35(4):e607-e609 https://doi.org/10.3928/01477447-20120327-34

Total En Bloc Spondylectomy of L3 Vertebra for Histiocytic Sarcoma

Bin Lin, MD; Zhi-wen Chen, MD; Ning Wang, MD; Zhi-min Guo, MD; Hui Liu, MD; Ming Zeng, MD

Orthopedics. 2012;35(4):e610-e614 https://doi.org/10.3928/01477447-20120327-38

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