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Past Issue
  • July 2009
  • Volume 32 · Issue 7
Feature Article

Accuracy of Lag Screw Placement for the Dynamic Hip Screw and the Cephalomedullary Nail

Ronald W. Lindsey, MD; Sonya Ahmed, MD; Steven Overturf, MS; Alai Tan, PhD; Zbigniew Gugala, MD, PhD

Orthopedics. 2009;32(7): https://doi.org/10.3928/01477447-20090527-15

Knowledge of Levels of Evidence Criteria in Orthopedic Residents

Jennifer Moriatis Wolf, MD; George S. Athwal, MD; Bang H. Hoang, MD; Samir Mehta, MD; Allison E. Williams, PhD; LTC Brett D. Owens, MD

Orthopedics. 2009;32(7): https://doi.org/10.3928/01477447-20090527-10

Transpedicular Bone Grafting Following Short-Segment Posterior Instrumentation for Acute Thoracolumbar Burst Fracture

Jen-Chung Liao, MD; Kuo-Fon Fan, MD; Wen-Jer Chen, MD; Lih-Hui Chen, MD; Hsuan-Kai Kao, MD

Orthopedics. 2009;32(7): https://doi.org/10.3928/01477447-20090527-11

No Superiority of Cemented Metal-on-Metal vs Metal-on-Polyethylene THA at 5-Year Follow-up

Wierd P. Zijlstra, MD, MSc; John Cheung, MD, PhD; Maurits S. Sietsma, MD; Jos J.A.M. van Raay, MD, PhD; Robert Deutman, MD, PhD

Orthopedics. 2009;32(7): https://doi.org/10.3928/01477447-20090527-06

Hospitalist–Orthopedic Co-management of High-risk Patients Undergoing Lower Extremity Reconstruction Surgery

Michael S. Pinzur, MD; Edward Gurza, MD; Theresa Kristopaitis, MD; Rebecca Monson, MD; Michael J. Wall, PharmD; Anne Porter, RN, PhD; Victoria Davidson-Bell, RN; Timothy Rapp, MD

Orthopedics. 2009;32(7): https://doi.org/10.3928/01477447-20090527-14

Posterior Versus Anterior Lumbar Interbody Fusion With Anterior Tension Band Plating: Retrospective Analysis

Curt Freudenberger, MD; Emily M. Lindley, PhD; Douglas W. Beard, MD; W. Carlton Reckling, MD; Allison Williams, PhD; Evalina L. Burger, MD; Vikas V. Patel, MD

Orthopedics. 2009;32(7): https://doi.org/10.3928/01477447-20090527-12

Calcific Tendinitis of the Rectus Femoris

Ho Hyun Yun, MD; Jung Ho Park, MD; Jong Woong Park, MD; Jae Wook Lee, MD

Orthopedics. 2009;32(7): https://doi.org/10.3928/01477447-20090527-13

Radiologic Case Study

Your Diagnosis?

Ihsan Mamoun, MD; Murali Sundaram, MD

Orthopedics. 2009;32(7): https://doi.org/10.3928/01477447-20090527-28

Tips & Techniques
Case Reports

Arthroscopic Split Transpositional Repair for Torn Complete Discoid Lateral Meniscus

Jin Hwan Ahn, MD; Moon Jong Chang, MD; Yong Seuk Lee, MD, PhD; Jae Chul Yoo, MD; Young Ryeol Pae, MD

Orthopedics. 2009;32(7): https://doi.org/10.3928/01477447-20090527-21

Peroneal Nerve Palsy Resulting From Fibular Head Osteochondroma

Hichem Mnif, MD; Mustapha Koubaa, MD; Makram Zrig, MD; Nizar Zammel, MD; Abderrazek Abid, MD

Orthopedics. 2009;32(7): https://doi.org/10.3928/01477447-20090527-24

Cervicothoracic Giant Cell Tumor Expanding Into the Superior Mediastinum: Total Excision by Combined Anterior-Posterior Approach

Katsuhito Yoshioka, MD; Norio Kawahara, MD; Hideki Murakami, MD; Satoru Demura, MD; Masahito Kawaguchi, MD; Makoto Oda, MD; Isao Matsumoto, MD; Katsuro Tomita, MD

Orthopedics. 2009;32(7): https://doi.org/10.3928/01477447-20090527-26

Botulinum Toxin Type A in the Treatment of Focal Hand Dystonia After Surgical Treatment for Thumb Duplication

Andrea Santamato, MD; Francesco Panza, MD, PhD; Vincenzo Solfrizzi, MD, PhD; Vincenza Frisardi, MD; Biagio Moretti, MD; Angela Notarnicola, MD; Anna Neve, PhD; Maurizio Ranieri, MD, PhD; Pietro Fiore, MD

Orthopedics. 2009;32(7): https://doi.org/10.3928/01477447-20090527-07

Two Different Types of Bowler's Thumb

Keiichi Muramatsu, MD; Koji Yoshida, MD; Toshihiko Taguchi, MD

Orthopedics. 2009;32(7): https://doi.org/10.3928/01477447-20090527-22

Posterior Subtalar Dislocation

Lawrence Camarda, MD; Umberto Martorana, MD; Michele D'Arienzo, MD

Orthopedics. 2009;32(7): https://doi.org/10.3928/01477447-20090527-25

Scaphoid Nonunion in Break-Dancers: A Report of 3 Cases

Chul-Hyun Cho, MD, PhD; Kwang-Soon Song, MD; Byung-Woo Min, MD; Ki-Cheor Bae, MD; Kyung-Jae Lee, MD; Sang-Hyon Kim, MD

Orthopedics. 2009;32(7): https://doi.org/10.3928/01477447-20090527-29

Guest Editorial
Sports Medicine Update
Letters to the Editor
Blue Notes

Standing Taller

Charles Sorbie, MB, ChB, FRCS(E), FRCS(C)

Orthopedics. 2009;32(7): https://doi.org/10.3928/01477447-20090527-05

Getting Around The Bend

Charles Sorbie, MB, ChB, FRCS(E), FRCS(C)

Orthopedics. 2009;32(7): https://doi.org/10.3928/01477447-20090527-04

Pharmacology Update

Melorheostosis: Clinicopathological Features, Diagnosis, and Management

Vijay Kumar Jain, MS; Rajendra Kumar Arya, MS; Minakshi Bharadwaj, MD; Satish Kumar, MS

Orthopedics. 2009;32(7): https://doi.org/10.3928/01477447-20090527-20

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