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Trending in Orthopedics

Advances in Computer-Aided Technology for Total Knee Arthroplasty

Ahmed Siddiqi, DO; W. Mack Hardaker, MS; Krishna Kiran Eachempati, MBBS; Neil P. Sheth, MD

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Bone Loss and Fracture Risk Among Patients Who Have Had Bariatric Surgery

Basem Attum, MD, MS; Ricardo Ruiz, MD; Robert Boyce, MD

Review Article

Modularity in Total Hip Arthroplasty: Benefits, Risks, Mechanisms, Diagnosis, and Management

Ben M. Vierra, BS; Sarah R. Blumenthal, BS; Derek F. Amanatullah, MD, PhD

Feature Article

Fracture Severity Based on Classification Does Not Predict Outcome Following Proximal Humerus Fracture

Nina D. Fisher, BS; James M. Barger, MD; Adam S. Driesman, MD; Rebekah Belayneh, BS; Sanjit R. Konda, MD; Kenneth A. Egol, MD

Feature Article

Factors Influencing Patients' Hospital Rating After Total Joint Arthroplasty

Jaydev B. Mistry, MD; Chukwuweike U. Gwam, MD; Morad Chughtai, MD; Anton Khlopas, MD; Prem Ramkumar, MD; Nicolas S. Piuzzi, MD; George Muschler, MD; Steven F. Harwin, MD; Michael A. Mont, MD; Ronald E. Delanois, MD

Review Article

Displaced Intra-articular Calcaneal Fractures: Classification and Treatment

Ning Wei, MD; Yabin Zhou, MD; Wenli Chang, MD; Yingze Zhang, MD; Wei Chen, MD

Review Article

Adult Degenerative Lumbar Scoliosis

Eugene Wong, MBBS, MMed; Farhaan Altaf, MBBS, FRCS; Lawrence J. Oh, MD; Randolph J. Gray, MBBS, FRACS

Review Article

Hemophilic Arthropathy

Christopher R. Nacca, MD; Andrew P. Harris, MD; John R. Tuttle, MD

Feature Article

Effect of Retroperitoneal Pelvic Packing on Pelvic Cavity Pressure: A Cadaveric Study

Yukio Sato, MD; Kazuhiko Sekine, MD, PhD; Takayuki Shibusawa, MD; Kosuke Tajima, MD, PhD; Junichi Sasaki, MD, PhD; Nobuaki Imanishi, MD, PhD; Sadakazu Aiso, MD, PhD; Shingo Hori, MD, PhD

Feature Article

Quantification of Imaging Error in the Measurement of Cup Position: A Cadaveric Comparison of Radiographic and Computed Tomography Imaging

Ran Schwarzkopf, MD, MSc; Jonathan M. Vigdorchik, MD; Theodore T. Miller, MD; Eric A. Bogner, MD; Jeffrey M. Muir, MSc, DC, MSc (Clin Epi); Michael B. Cross, MD

Feature Article

Complications Associated With Pelvic External Fixation

Christopher McDonald, BS; Reza Firoozabadi, MD; M. L. Routt Jr, MD; Conor Kleweno, MD

Feature Article

Long-term Results of Intercalary Endoprosthetic Short Segment Fixation Following Extended Diaphysectomy

Nicholas S. Tedesco, DO; Alexandra L. Van Horn, BA; Robert M. Henshaw, MD

Feature Article

Conjoint Tendon Release in Direct Anterior Total Hip Arthroplasty: No Impact on Patient Outcomes

Reina Yao, MD, FRCSC; James L. Howard, MD, MS, FRCSC; Brent A. Lanting, MD, FRCSC

Feature Article

Predictability of Early Postoperative Ultrasonography After Arthroscopic Rotator Cuff Repair

Joo Han Oh, MD, PhD; Joon Yub Kim, MD, PhD; Sae Hoon Kim, MD, PhD; Nam Yun Chung, MD

Feature Article

Increasing Use of Reverse Total Shoulder Arthroplasty for Proximal Humerus Fractures in Elderly Patients

Sean S. Rajaee, MD; Dheeraj Yalamanchili, MD; Naudereh Noori, MD; Eytan Debbi, MD; James Mirocha, MS; Carol A. Lin, MD; Charles N. Moon, MD

Feature Article

Effect of Pedicle Fill on Axial Pullout Strength in Spinal Fixation After Rod Reduction

Kevin Albanese, MD; Nathaniel R. Ordway, MS, PE; Stephen A. Albanese, MD; William F. Lavelle, MD

Feature Article

Partial Resurfacing for Humeral Head Defects Associated With Recurrent Shoulder Instability

Matthew C. Bessette, MD; Nicholas C. Frisch, MD; Pradeep Kodali, MD; Morgan H. Jones, MD; Anthony Miniaci, MD, FRCSC

Feature Article

Low Incidence of Neurovascular Complications After Placement of Proximal Tibial Traction Pins

Garret Sobol, MD; Peter Gibson, MD; Param Patel, BA; Kenneth Koury, MD; Michael Sirkin, MD; Mark Reilly, MD; Mark Adams, MD

Feature Article

Biceps Tenodesis: Biomechanical Assessment of 3 Arthroscopic Suprapectoral Techniques

George Vestermark, MD; David Hartigan, MD; Dana Piasecki, MD; James Fleischli, MD; Susan M. Odum, PhD; Nigel Zheng, PhD; Donald F. D'Alessandro, MD

Feature Article

Features of 921 Patients With Spinal Tuberculosis: A 16-Year Investigation of a General Hospital in Southwest China

Yuan Yao, PhD; Weilin Song, MM; Kuiyou Wang, MB; Bingtao Ma, MB; Huan Liu, PhD; Wenjie Zheng, MD; Yu Tang, MD; Yue Zhou, MD

Feature Article

Implant Failure Rates and Cost Analysis of Contoured Locking Versus Conventional Plate Fixation of Distal Fibula Fractures

Lewis K. Moss, MD; Michael H. Kim-Orden, MD; Robert Ravinsky, MDCM, MPH; Christopher M. Hoshino, MD; Daniel M. Zinar, MD; Stuart M. Gold, MD

Feature Article

Functional Outcomes for Nonoperatively Treated Proximal Fifth Metatarsal Fractures

Hannah A. Dineen, MD; Timothy D. Murphy, MD; Sabrina Mangat, BS; Eric Z. Lukosius, MD; Feng-Chang Lin, PhD; Brett J. Pettett, MD; Stephen J. Peoples, DVM; Shepard R. Hurwitz, MD

Feature Article Video

Retrospective Analysis of 20 Patients With Schwannomas: Magnetic Resonance Imaging Characteristics, Pain, and Outcomes Following Excision

Jette Hooper, BS; Ian T. O'Connor, BS; Ivan J. Golub, BS; Alexander P. Decilveo, BA; James C. Wittig, MD

Feature Article

Topically Applied Epsilon-Aminocaproic Acid Reduces Blood Loss and Length of Hospital Stay After Total Knee Arthroplasty

Robert A. Harper, MD; Mark G. Sucher, MD; Mauro Giordani, MD; Alexander J. Nedopil, MD

Feature Article

Arthroscopic Cortical Button Stabilization of Isolated Acute Neer Type II Fractures of the Distal Clavicle

Matthew H. Blake, MD; Michael T. Lu, MD; Brandon S. Shulman, MD; David L. Glaser, MD; G. Russell Huffman, MD

Feature Article

The Direct Anterior Approach Does Not Increase Return to Function Following Hemiarthroplasty for Femoral Neck Fracture

Victor R. Carlson, BS; Alvin C. Ong, MD; Fabio R. Orozco, MD; Rex W. Lutz, BS; Andres F. Duque, MD, MSc; Zachary D. Post, MD

Feature Article

Outcomes and Predictors of Success for Arthroscopic Lysis of Adhesions for the Stiff Total Knee Arthroplasty

Blake M. Bodendorfer, MD; Joshua A. Kotler, MD; William D. Zelenty, MD; Kareem Termanini, BS; Rafael Sanchez, MD; Evan H. Argintar, MD

Feature Article

Age and Early Revision After Primary Total Hip Arthroplasty for Osteoarthritis

Zachary Meyer, MD; Geneva Baca, BA; Richard Rames, MD; Robert Barrack, MD; John Clohisy, MD; Denis Nam, MD, MSc

Feature Article
Feature Article

The Effect of a Door Alarm on Operating Room Traffic During Total Joint Arthroplasty

Scott M. Eskildsen, MD; Peter T. Moskal, MD; Jeffrey Laux, PhD; Daniel J. Del Gaizo, MD

Feature Article

Correlation Between Femoroacetabular Impingement and Hamstring Tendon Pathology on Magnetic Resonance Imaging and Arthrography

Nakul Talathi, BS; Scott LaValva, BS; Angel Lopez-Garib, MD; John D. Kelly IV, MD; Viviane Khoury, MD

Feature Article

Digital Tomography for Detection of Acute Occult Scaphoid Fractures

Anthony M. Barcia, MD; Liang Zhou, MD, MS; Jay B. Cook, MD; Kenneth K. Lindell, MD; Rey D. Gumboc, MD; Aaron D. Dykstra, MD; Robert J. Lachky, MD; Steven H. Shaha, PhD, DBA; Kenneth F. Taylor, MD

Case Report

Treatment of a Pediatric T-type Intercondylar Humerus Fracture With Hybrid Percutaneous Pinning and External Fixation

D. Alex Stroh, MD; Brian T. Sullivan, BS; Brett A. Shannon, MD; Paul D. Sponseller, MD, MBA

Case Report
Case Report Video

Chronic Expanding Hematoma After Metal-on-Metal Total Hip Arthroplasty

Wataru Ando, MD, PhD; Kengo Yamamoto, MD; Tsuyoshi Koyama, MD, PhD; Yoshichika Hashimoto, MD; Hirohiko Yasui, MD, PhD; Takashi Tsujimoto, MD; Masaharu Aihara, MD; Kenji Ohzono, MD, PhD

Case Report

Bilateral, Atraumatic Proximal Tibiofibular Joint Instability Treated With Suspensory Button Fixation

Olivia C. O'Reilly, BS; Katherine H. Carruthers, MD, MS; Patrick N. Siparsky, MD