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Giving Thanks to Our Manuscript Reviewers and Editorial Board

Thomas W. Kaminski, PhD, ATC, FACSM, FNATA

It's hard to believe another volume year is upon us. As the 8th volume year closes, we wish to thank our team of associate editors and peer reviewers who give credence to our publication process. From the editorial staff of Athletic Training & Sports Health Care—a huge THANKS for your assistance.

Be sure to reach out to us with concerns or questions you, the reader, might have, and be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter. Enjoy, and tell your colleagues about our journal!

2016 Reviewers

The following individuals have acted as editorial board members or reviewers for manuscripts submitted during the past year. We thank them for their time and effort.

  • Kelly L. Adler

  • Naoko Aminaka

  • Breton M. Asken

  • Christine M. Baugh

  • David C. Berry

  • Steven P. Broglio

  • Alison Brooks

  • Jaclyn B. Caccese

  • Julie M. Cavallario

  • Michael Cendoma

  • Lisa Cooper Colvin

  • Tracey Covassin

  • Shannon David

  • Craig R. Denegar

  • Shannon B. Dolezal

  • Deanna M. Errico

  • Shelly Fetchen-DiCesaro

  • Gabriel P. Fife

  • Courtney Gray

  • Sheri A. Hale

  • Brian Hatzel

  • Michael Higgins

  • Vicci Hill-Lombardi

  • Patrick B. Hinfey

  • Matthew C. Hoch

  • Michael J. Horan

  • Chris Hummel

  • Tamerah Hunt

  • Kellie Huxel Bliven

  • Lennart Johns

  • Lisa S. Jutte

  • Melissa Kay

  • Dennis Koch

  • Lauren C. Kramer

  • Jody L. Langdon

  • Shelley W. Linens

  • Robert C. Lynall

  • Kimberly Mace

  • Robert Manske

  • Stephanie M. Mazerolle

  • Jane K. McDevitt

  • Laura M. McDonald

  • Keith Naugle

  • Susan Norkus

  • Grant E. Norte

  • Jeffrey Norvell

  • Ashley M. Parr

  • Jeff Parr

  • Andrew R. Peterson

  • Scott G. Piland

  • William A. Pitney, III

  • Michael Powers

  • Kimberly A. Pritchard

  • Ashwin Rao

  • Johna K. Register-Mihalik

  • Adam B. Rosen

  • Daryl A. Rosenbaum

  • Julianne D. Schmidt

  • James R. Scifers

  • Kent C. Scriber

  • Noelle M. Selkow

  • Patrick J. Sexton

  • Matthew Silvis

  • Stephen A. Small

  • Ivan Sosa

  • Mark A. Sutherlin

  • Jill Thein-Nissenbaum

  • Kavin Tsang

  • Bonnie L. Van Lunen

  • Luzita Vela

  • Brian J. Vesci

  • Kathryn Webster

  • Cailee E. Welch Bacon

  • Erik Wikstrom

  • Susan Yeargin



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