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Athletic Training and Sports Health Care

Athletic Training & Sports Health Care is a bimonthly, peer-reviewed publication that provides contemporary athletic training and sports health care information and guidance to clinicians involved in a variety of allied health professions. The Journal publishes original research, case reviews, evidence-based reports, clinical columns, systematic reviews, and literature reviews from a variety of sports health care disciplines. Begin to explore the Journal and all of its great benefits such as:

• Columns including “Pearls of Practice,” “Team Physician,” “Professional Practice,” and “Clinical Round Table”
• Access to current articles, as well as several years of archived content
• Manuscripts posted online just 3 months after acceptance

Past Issue
  • July/August 2015
  • Volume 7 · Issue 4

Calling on Athletic Trainers to Become Unintentional Injury Safety Advocates

Thomas W. Kaminski, PhD, ATC, FACSM, FNATA

Athletic Training and Sports Health Care. 2015;7(4):131-132

Professional Practice

Language and Licensing: A Brief Review of Legal Issues Relevant to the Licensed Athletic Trainer

Margaret E. Ciccolella, EdD, JD; Jennifer R. Hoenig, MA, ATC; James L. Thornton, MA, ATC, CES; Jamie DeRollo, MBA, ATC, EMT

Athletic Training and Sports Health Care. 2015;7(4):133-138

Clinical Roundtable

Shortwave Diathermy

Jennifer Stiller-Ostrowski, PhD, ATC; Justin Rigby, PhD, ATC; James R. Scifers, DScPT, PT, SCS, LAT, ATC; Ashley Long, PhD, LAT, ATC

Athletic Training and Sports Health Care. 2015;7(4):139-143

Original Research
Supplemental Data

An Evaluation of Secondary School Educators’ Knowledge of Academic Concussion Management Before and After a Didactic Presentation

Stephanie A. Carzoo, MS, ATC; Julie A. Young, MA, ATC; Thomas L. Pommering, DO; Steven C. Cuff, MD

Athletic Training and Sports Health Care. 2015;7(4):144-149

Scapular Muscle Activation in Individuals With Shoulder Pathology During Early Phase Scapular Stabilization Exercises

Sarah J. Cayton, MS, ATC; Gail P. Parr, PhD, ATC; R. Curtis Bay, PhD; Tamara C. Valovich McLeod, PhD, ATC; Kellie C. Huxel Bliven, PhD, ATC

Athletic Training and Sports Health Care. 2015;7(4):151-159

Dynamic Balance in Children: Performance Comparison Between Two Testing Devices

Avery D. Faigenbaum, PhD; Joelle Bagley, BS; Shannon Boise, BS; Anne Farrell, PhD; Nathaniel Bates, PhD; Gregory D. Myer, PhD

Athletic Training and Sports Health Care. 2015;7(4):160-164

Knee Joint Angle Influences Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation-Induced Torque

Cody B. Bremner, MS, ATC, LAT; William R. Holcomb, PhD, ATC, LAT, FNATA, CSCS*D, FNSCA; Christopher D. Brown, PhD, ATC, LAT, CSCS

Athletic Training and Sports Health Care. 2015;7(4):165-172

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