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VIDEO: Paprosky discusses diagnosis of periprosthetic joint infections

March 3, 2017
LAHAINA, Hawaii — At Orthopedics Today Hawaii 2017, Wayne G. Paprosky, MD, FACS, discussed ways to diagnose periprosthetic joint…

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VIDEO: Presenter discusses ways to reduce infections in TJA patients

March 2, 2017
LAHAINA, Hawaii —  At Orthopedics Today Hawaii 2017, Steven J. MacDonald, MD, FRCSC, discussed factors orthopedic surgeons can control…

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VIDEO: Speaker discusses risk factors associated with VTE

February 24, 2017
LAHAINA, Hawaii —  At Orthopedics Today Hawaii 2017, Robert D. D’Ambrosia, MD, discussed risk factors associated with venous…

From OT Europe

Experts at 18th EFORT Annual Congress to focus on septic defects and small implants

Orthopaedics Today Europe, February 2017
Are you challenged by the need to achieve bone healing in an infected environment or, as a knee surgeon, do you have to evaluate the different types…

Researchers release updated guidelines on prevention of surgical site infections

January 31, 2017
Updated guidelines that detail the latest evidence to prevent surgical site infections before, during and after surgery have been published in the…

Case Report

Treatment of Atypical Compartment Syndrome Due to Proteus Infection

Orthopedics, January/February 2017, Volume 40 Issue 1
Compartment syndrome is an orthopedic emergency with a multitude of etiologies. Although it is most commonly associated with trauma to the extremity…

Feature Article

Visibility of Tinted Chlorhexidine Gluconate Skin Preparation on Varied Skin Pigmentations

Orthopedics, January/February 2017, Volume 40 Issue 1
Preoperative skin preparation with antimicrobial agents decreases the risk of surgical site infection, but concerns have been raised about the…

Review Article

Risk Factors for Perimegaprosthetic Infections After Tumor Resection

Orthopedics, January/February 2017, Volume 40 Issue 1
Periprosthetic joint infection remains one of the most challenging and pervasive complications following megaprosthetic replacement after tumor…

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Speaker says BMI cut-off for TJA ‘unreasonable’

January 18, 2017
LAHAINA, Hawaii — A presenter at Orthopedics Today Hawaii 2017 discussed difficulties orthopedic surgeons may face when performing total joint…

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Speaker presents best ways to diagnose periprosthetic joint infection

January 13, 2017
LAHAINA, Hawaii — Although it can be difficult to diagnose periprosthetic joint infections, a speaker here said erythrocyte sedimentation rate…

Study: Inclusion of Zika virus warranted in diagnosis of congenital infections

Orthopedics Today, January 2017
Differential diagnosis of congenital infections and arthrogryposis should include congenital Zika virus, according to a study. “The Zika virus…

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Safe Orthopaedics announces Scientific Advisory Board

December 29, 2016
Safe Orthopaedics announced the appointment of four renowned European back surgeons to its Scientific Advisory Board. “With our technological…

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Study: Culture-negative, culture-positive infections should receive similar treatment

December 28, 2016
Recently published results showed patients with culture-negative infections should be treated in a similar manner to patients with culture-positive…

Infection Watch

WHO, CDC issue guidelines for infection prevention

Orthopedics Today, December 2016
Javad Parvizi, MD, FRCS; Noam Shohat, MD
As Desiderius Erasmus stated in the 15th century, prevention is better than cure. As the orthopedic community braces itself to deal with the…

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Study showed effective treatment of chronic osteomyelitis with single-stage procedure

December 6, 2016
Recently published results showed patients who had chronic osteomyelitis were effectively treated through a single-stage protocol facilitated by an…

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Interactive Expert Exchanges at EFORT Annual Congress help connect attendees with prominent specialists

Orthopaedics Today Europe, December 2016
During the Interactive Expert Exchanges held at the EFORT Annual Congress, orthopaedic surgeons who are focused on specific procedures or treatments…

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Comprehensive Review Course for young orthopaedists to be held at EFORT Annual Congress in Vienna

Orthopaedics Today Europe, December 2016
Judging by the positive comments received when the EFORT Comprehensive Review Course was offered in the past, it is widely considered to be a basic…

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No increase in complications seen with provisional plating prior to IM nailing for open tibial fractures

November 30, 2016
Investigators of this study found provisional plate stabilization prior to intramedullary nailing for patients with open tibial fractures did not…

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Promising midterm results seen with specific revision TKA system

November 29, 2016
At an average follow-up of 4.8 years, investigators found a 7.9% failure rate and a 4% rate of infection with the use of a revision total knee…

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Hospitals preferred decolonization for treatment of periprosthetic joint infection

November 13, 2016
DALLAS — Although nasal-only Staphylococcus aureus screening may be considered the most cost-effective treatment option for periprosthetic…