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BLOG: Medial quadriceps tendon-femoral ligament provides alternative for medial patellofemoral stabilization

I just finished dissecting 10 fresh knees with the help of our University of Connecticut Orthopedic Research fellow, Andreas Voss, MD.

The medial quadriceps tendon-femoral ligament (MQTFL) is consistent in all and more dominant than medial patellofemoral ligament (MPFL) in some patients. In fact, looking at the deep medial retinaculum by reflecting the extensor mechanism to show the structures immediately under synovium, one develops a very different view of the medial patellofemoral (PF) restraints.

John P. Fulkerson

John P. Fulkerson

MQTFL reconstruction is definitely our preferred procedure for medial PF stabilization, and eliminates the risk of a devastating patella fracture as reported by multiple authors after drilling into the patella for MPFL reconstruction. Our MQTFL reconstruction technique may be found at by entering my name in the search window.

Figure: Pictured is the medial quadriceps tendon-femoral ligament and medial patellofemoral ligament from a cadaver knee dissection.

Credit: Fulkerson JP

John P. Fulkerson, MD, is a clinical professor of orthopedic surgery at the University of Connecticut School of Medicine and practices at Orthopedic Associates of Hartford in Farmington, Conn. He is also president of The Patellofemoral Foundation.

Disclosure: Fulkerson receives royalties from DJO Global and is a patent holder for DJO Global.



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