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BLOG: The future is now

Lenita Williamson

At ProcedureCard, we don’t wait for the future, we build it.  We have created paperless surgical preference cards. It’s a big deal. Here’s our story:

It started like every other day in surgery. The ritual of prepping, draping and the timeout. Today was different. We started our day using ProcedureCard. The music station was set to classic rock. The nice steady beep of a heart-rate monitor.

The surgical technologist deftly handed the 15 blade to me. The nurse was charting. She never had to leave the OR. Her focus was the patient. She looked up and instinctively changed the empty IV bag. I incised the transverse carpal ligament and then started to close. Humming to my favorite band, dressings on, even the cradle boot was ready to elevate the operative extremity.

This is how smoothly every case should go, and it can with ProcedureCard. From carpal tunnel to revision arthroplasty surgery, we’ve got you covered.

At ProcedureCard, we have built a cloud-based surgical preference card management system. Access it on any device 24/7. Cards can be easily updated and shared with the team.

Finally, reliable and accurate surgical preference cards for every case. Have a better day in surgery with our easy to use and affordable software. Save time, save money and improve your bottom line — patient care.

Accessible. Accurate. Simple. Schedule a demo now at


L.R. Williamson, MD

Orthopedic Surgeon

CEO and founder

ProcedureCard Inc.