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Bone marrow aspirate concentrate, hyaluronan-based scaffold effective for cartilage lesions in older patients

August 21, 2017

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Results from this study demonstrated bone marrow aspirate concentrate and a hyaluronan-based scaffold is viable and effective for the treatment of cartilage lesions, and its efficacy is not impacted by patient age.

Researchers compared 20 patients older than 45 years (study group) with 20 patients who were younger than 25 years (control group). All patients had full-thickness cartilage lesions of the knee joint and underwent cartilage implantation with bone marrow aspirate concentrate that was harvested from autologous, adult mesenchymal stem cells and placed on a hyaluronan-based scaffold. Investigators prospectively evaluated patients for 4 years. With MRI, KOOS, IDKC, VAS and Tegner scores, patients were assessed preoperatively and at the final follow-up.

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