Quidel to distribute I-Med dry eye products in U.S.

December 7, 2018
I-Med Pharma Inc. announced an exclusive U.S. distribution agreement with Quidel Corp. covering I-Med’s Lid ‘n Lash line, I-Relief Hot…

Cloud-based imaging, telemedicine platform increases rate of diabetic retinal exams

December 6, 2018
Intelligent Retinal Imaging Systems announced that its cloud-based diagnostic imaging solution and retinal telemedicine platform has identified more…


Consider prophylaxis for neovascular glaucoma

December 6, 2018
NEPTUNE, N.J. – Leslie Gauntlett, OD, a resident at the New Jersey VA Health Centers, sought out guidelines for when to perform gonioscopy and…

Compact Imaging, Novartis partner on at-home retina diagnostic device

December 4, 2018
Compact Imaging Inc., manufacturer of miniaturized OCT devices, announced a collaboration agreement with Novartis Pharma AG. Novartis will fund…

BLOG: A new day in health care reform

November 21, 2018
As election season grows to a close here in America, change again looms on the horizon for the American health care system. The shift in the House…

Letters to the Editor

AI apps will not replace professional consults

Primary Care Optometry News, November 2018
To the Editor: I would like to comment on the article, “AI advances vision science, identifies disease patterns faster,” in the August…

Optos announces collaborations in Alzheimer’s disease, AMD

November 16, 2018
Optos Plc, a subsidiary of Nikon Corp., Japan, announced a clinical alliance with Amydis Inc. to develop an eye test to detect Alzheimer’s…

Web Vision, NASA collaborate on vision testing device

November 15, 2018
Web Vision Technologies has partnered with NASA to develop a comprehensive vision testing device that can be deployed on spacecraft. It is also…

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VIDEO: Improvement in ocular blood flow may benefit glaucoma patients

November 13, 2018
SAN ANTONIO – Decreasing the resistance of ocular blood flow around the optic nerve in patients with glaucoma may benefit patients long-term…

In the Journals

Agreement seen between ultra-widefield, ETDRS images for grading diabetic retinopathy severity

November 13, 2018
Ultra-widefield imaging was found to have “moderate to substantial agreement” with ETDRS 7-field imaging to determine the severity of…

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Photochromic contact lens yields good driving performance

November 12, 2018
SAN ANTONIO – Subjects wearing Johnson & Johnson Vision’s photochromic contact lens performed just as well as and sometimes better…

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Telerehabilitation allows for at-home low vision training

November 12, 2018
Telerehabilitation allows providers to deliver personalized training to improve reading ability with magnification devices, relieving patients from…

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VIDEO: ERG vision testing systems beneficial in clinical practice

November 10, 2018
CHICAGO — Steven Silverstein, MD, discusses pattern and flicker electrophysiology devices (Diopsys) for diagnosing, monitoring and treating…

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SS-OCT enables increased speed, deeper penetration, but steeper cost

November 10, 2018
SAN ANTONIO – Swept source OCT has many benefits over spectral domain OCT, but its biggest obstacle today is cost, according to Jay S

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VIDEO: Travoprost intraocular implant lowers IOP

November 9, 2018
SAN ANTONIO – IDose-slow and iDose-fast from Glaukos were shown in a phase 2 prospective, randomized, clinical trial to lower IOP 32% and 33%…

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New in-office treatment addresses MGD

November 8, 2018
SAN ANTONIO – Leslie O’Dell, OD, discussed here at the American Academy of Optometry meeting an up-and-coming product for patients with…

Clarion to distribute MacuLogix AdaptDx

November 7, 2018
MacuLogix Inc. has entered into an international distribution agreement with Clarion Medical Technologies, a provider of medical and aesthetic…

Clarion to distribute MacuLogix AdaptDx

November 6, 2018
MacuLogix Inc. has entered into an international distribution agreement with Clarion Medical Technologies, a provider of medical and aesthetic…

Retina-AI releases Fluid-Intelligence app for Android

November 2, 2018
Retina-AI has released its Fluid-Intelligence app for Android, in addition to the previously available Apple version. The app uses artificial…

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Integration of new technology may improve ophthalmologic care

October 29, 2018
CHICAGO — Artificial intelligence, deep learning systems and automated diagnostic systems can improve ophthalmologic care for patients and…