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Patients with unreadable fundus image at higher risk of ocular pathology

January 29, 2019
A majority of patients called in for confirmatory eye exams due to unreadable fundus images taken during their initial exams were found to have…


BLOG: Government frustrations

January 28, 2019
The new year is off to a rough start. Mother Nature has swept the country with a series of disabling storms. The last week of January promises a…


BLOG: Cataract surgery trends to look for in 2019

January 22, 2019
Surgeons continually seek devices and methods that further improve the cataract procedure, patients’ visual outcomes and their experience…

Meeting News

Konan introduces objective visual field analyzer

January 18, 2019
SAN ANTONIO – Konan previewed the ObjectiveField analyzer here at the American Academy of Optometry meeting. Patients undergoing testing see a…

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Deficiencies found in glaucoma care by ODs in retail-based clinics

January 17, 2019
A telemedicine project reported poor adherence to the American Academy of Ophthalmology Preferred Practice Patterns guidelines for primary open angle…

How to find the best technology for your practice

Primary Care Optometry News, January 2019
Bryan M. Rogoff, OD, MBA, CPHM, FAAO
Upgrading your practice with the latest and greatest clinical technology is exciting, but it is also hard work. As a practice development consultant…

BLOG: Use communication technology to save staff, patients time

January 11, 2019
Did you know a computer can diagnose melanoma better than a board-certified dermatologist? Trained by machinery and artificial intelligence, a…

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Researchers explore common diagnostic questions for glaucoma

January 11, 2019
Donald C. Hood, PhD, and Carlos G. De Moraes, MD, MPH, recommend that all patients with glaucoma or suspected glaucoma undergo visual field testing…

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VIDEO: Software and apps to improve today’s cataract surgeon

January 10, 2019
NEW YORK — From OSN New York 2018, Tal Raviv, MD, founder and medical director of Eye Center of New York, gives his presentation on different…

Opternative changes company name to Visibly

January 9, 2019
Eye care technology company, Opternative, announced its rebranding to Visibly. The new company name aims to appropriately represent the broad scope…

Physician CEO discusses benefits, challenges to AI in medicine at FTC hearing

January 7, 2019
“Carried out in a responsible manner, autonomous artificial intelligence has the promise of lowering cost and increasing accessibility and…

King Children offers eye wear customization, virtual ‘try-on’

January 4, 2019
King Children, a custom eye wear brand, announced its company launch. Customers can design custom frames, choosing colors, shapes and lenses.

Meeting News

Telemedicine improves access for patients, clinicians

January 3, 2019
SAN ANTONIO – “Telemedicine will change the way health care is delivered globally,” Anthony Cavallerano, OD, FAAO

Perspectives on GlaucomaPerspective

Structural thinning may precede microvascular changes in early glaucoma

December 28, 2018
Both ganglion cell complex density and macular vessel density significantly decrease in preperimetric and early primary open-angle glaucoma. …

Nidek adds low vision feedback exam to MP-3

December 28, 2018
Nidek Co. announced the launch of the feedback exam for visual rehabilitation and scotopic microperimetry for the MP-3 Microperimeter. The MP-3…

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OCTA, functional testing reveal preclinical signs of diabetic retinopathy

December 18, 2018
Preclinical microvascular changes and functional deficits, detected by OCT angiography and central visual analyzer, may be early signs of developing…

Letters to the Editor

All children deserve comprehensive exams

Primary Care Optometry News, December 2018
To the Editor: I read Dr. Suh’s article in the October 2018 issue of PCON (“Results with photoscreener shown comparable to…

New technology detects firing of nerve cells

December 13, 2018
Technology that can detect when nerve cells fire, which can be used to observe nerve activity in the eye as well as other light-accessible parts of…

OrCam artificial vision adds voice commands

December 13, 2018
OrCam Technologies Ltd. introduced voice commands for the OrCam MyEye 2 and OrCam MyReader 2 artificial vision devices as part of its latest software…

SECO to spotlight vision industry trends

December 12, 2018
SECO announced that it will showcase the latest technological innovations in eye and health care as well as up-and-coming eye wear products at its…