Think About Your Eyes summer campaign boosts site traffic

September 19, 2018
Think About Your Eyes announced that its summer campaign amassed 130 million media impressions. The TAYE website has seen a 200% increase in traffic…

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Risk score may help identify schoolchildren at high risk for myopia

September 17, 2018
A newly developed risk score that combines environmental and ocular factors may help identify schoolchildren who are at high risk for myopia. A…

New technology empowers those visually impaired

September 13, 2018
Technology breakthroughs are helping enable those with vision loss to live more independently. Four recent announcements include a computer game to…

Vision Impact Institute, Cooper Institute partner on children’s vision

September 11, 2018
The Vision Impact Institute has announced a 1-year collaboration with the Cooper Institute. The collaborative effort, supported by a grant from the…

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Smartphone photoscreening app for amblyopia consistent with screening technology

September 10, 2018
Smartphone photoscreening for amblyopia in pediatric patients using the GoCheck Kids application had positive predictive value comparable with other…

Brien Holden Vision Institute launches online myopia management guide

September 6, 2018
The Brien Holden Vision Institute has developed an online resource entitled “Guidelines for Myopia Management,” designed for eye care…

Computer game helps improve daily activities in the vision impaired

September 5, 2018
Eyelander, a free browser-based computer game, is available online to help young people with visual field loss caused by cerebral visual impairment…

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BCVA improves in second decade despite muscle surgery in children with albinism

August 31, 2018
Extraocular muscle surgery done in children with albinism in the second decade of life did not affect improvement in best corrected visual acuity…

Prevent Blindness supports Sports Eye Safety Awareness Month

August 29, 2018
Prevent Blindness reported that there were more than 30,000 estimated sports-related injuries in the U.S last year and has designated September as…

Lighthouse Guild offers back-to-school vision tips, hosts Twitter chat

August 29, 2018
Laura Sperazza, OD, director of low vision services at Lighthouse Guild, said the most important thing parents can do to protect their…

Study shows substantial increase in time spent looking at screens

August 28, 2018
The amount of time people spend looking at a screen has increased substantially, with Americans devoting nearly half of their waking hours to it. …

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Ocular chlamydia rates increase after end of mass antibiotic distribution

August 24, 2018
The rate of trachoma, or ocular chlamydia, among children living in hyperendemic areas can be stalled with annual or biannual mass azithromycin…

Prevent Blindness focuses on kids’ eye health in August

August 23, 2018
Prevent Blindness, in partnership with the National Optometric Association, announced that August is Children’s Eye Health and Safety Awareness…

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Significant correlation found between visual deficits, dyslexia

August 14, 2018
Deficits in visual functioning are more prevalent in children affected by developmental dyslexia, according to a group comparison observational study…

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Ortho-K requires specialized training for success

August 9, 2018
Myopia prevalence in U.S. adults has increased from 25% in 1979 to 41% in 2004, according to a review covering the development of orthokeratology…

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Long-term consequences of lenses for myopia control unknown

August 9, 2018
Studies involving overnight and daily wear contact lenses have shown promise for reducing myopia and suppressing axial length in children, but…

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Study shows escalating incidence of myopia in Chinese children

August 7, 2018
A study involving a large cohort of Chinese schoolchildren 7 to 15 years old showed escalating incidence of myopia and high myopia, starting in the…

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Study finds reduction in ocular injuries in children

July 27, 2018
A study on a large body of data showed decreased, but still concerning, prevalence of pediatric ocular injuries in the U.S., as well as significant…

Protect your eyes from UV rays this summer

July 27, 2018
July is National Ultraviolet Safety Month, and the Lighthouse Guild is urging everyone to protect their eyes from the sun. “The month of July…

BHVI, WCO partner for Myopia Awareness Week

July 25, 2018
Brien Holden Vision Institute announced a partnership with the World Council of Optometry that will center around a campaign to promote Myopia…