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No ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach to myopia control

June 6, 2019
Experts who reviewed research on methods for controlling myopia progression concluded that no one treatment is completely effective in all patients…

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Study confirms tolerability of spectacle lenses for myopia control

June 5, 2019
VANCOUVER, British Columbia – Twenty-one children between 6 and 12 years old were able to tolerate three different designs of spectacle lenses…

Eyenovia begins progressive myopia trial

June 5, 2019
Eyenovia has enrolled the first patient in a phase 3 study of MicroPine for the treatment of progressive myopia, according to a press release. The…

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Myopia experts propose standardized terminology

June 4, 2019
Members of the International Myopia Institute developed and proposed standards for definitions and thresholds to facilitate research into myopia…

BLOG: Let’s get rid of the pirate patch

May 24, 2019
by Cathy Stern, OD, FCSO, FCOVD, FNORA A common treatment for amblyopia or diplopia is to patch the stronger eye with a fully occlusive…

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Single vision spectacles for progressing myopes is not best practice

May 20, 2019
Options for controlling progressive myopia in children include the use of atropine, orthokeratology, multifocal soft contact lenses, and…

Study highlights global economic burden of uncorrected myopia

May 14, 2019
The World Council of Optometry and Brien Holden Vision Institute are collaborating on Myopia Awareness Week, May 13 to 19, to improve communication…

One-fourth of children in India do not wear their glasses

May 13, 2019
One out of four students who need spectacles does not wear them, often due to teasing and bullying by peers, according to an investigation carried…

New eye vitamin targets children, teens

May 7, 2019
EyePromise has added Screen Shield Teen to its ocular nutrition supplement line. The nutraceutical, which includes all-natural zeaxanthin, is…

Series B financing to benefit GoCheck Kids app

April 26, 2019
GoCheck, the creator of the vision screening iPhone app GoCheck Kids, has completed $6 million in Series B funding, the company announced in a press…

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GP contacts better than spectacles in children with monocular aphakia

April 22, 2019
Children who undergo surgery for monocular congenital cataract can benefit from the use of gas-permeable contact lenses, while spectacles are not the…

Partners named for children’s vision and eye health program

April 18, 2019
The Better Vision Together – Community of Practice program from the National Center for Children’s Vision and Eye Health at Prevent…

How I manage myopia in my practice

April 9, 2019
by Elise Kramer OD, FAAO, FSLS Myopia is a serious global health concern. Today, well over 1 billion people around the world are struggling with…

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Lazy V sign unreliable indication of papilledema in children

April 8, 2019
SAN DIEGO — Masked reviewers could not reliably identify any grade of papilledema in pediatric eyes using the “lazy V” sign…

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Machine learning models may facilitate clinic workflow

April 4, 2019
SAN DIEGO — Exam times predicted by machine may be used to help manage clinic workflow and patient wait times, according to a speaker…

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Pediatric optic neuritis research underway

April 3, 2019
SAN DIEGO — Low contrast visual acuity is severely affected in pediatric patients with optic neuritis, and even though it generally improves…

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Vitreous findings may play future role in ROP screening

April 2, 2019
SAN DIEGO — Hyperreflective vitreous opacities seen on hand-held OCT are strongly correlated with the presence of retinopathy of prematurity…

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Improvements maintained at 4 years after Luxturna administration

April 1, 2019
SAN DIEGO — Improvements in ambulatory navigation, light sensitivity and visual field continue to be maintained at 4 years of a phase 3 trial…

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EHR documentation reflects ‘paper note paradigm’

April 1, 2019
SAN DIEGO — Very little content in electronic health record notes is manually entered, the notes are long and redundant, and most are not even…

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Immediate sequential bilateral cataract surgery saves time, resources

March 29, 2019
SAN DIEGO — Immediate sequential bilateral cataract surgery in children can save time and resources without postoperative ophthalmological or…