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More research needed for treatment of neonatal chlamydial conjunctivitis

July 12, 2018
Treatment with erythromycin at 50 mg/kg per day for 14 days demonstrated better cure rates compared with azithromycin in neonates with chlamydial…

BHVI partners with SynergEyes

July 10, 2018
SynergEyes has announced a new partnership with Brien Holden Vision Institute to offer new designs on the hybrid contact lens platform to help…


Fourth of July: How to protect kids from firework-related injuries

July 3, 2018
Fireworks are a ubiquitous presence among Fourth of July celebrations; however, these bright and colorful displays pose a danger to children who may…

Perspectives on Glaucoma

Study finds inverse correlation between IOP, myopia progression

July 2, 2018
A 2-year study conducted on a large population of 12-year-old Chinese schoolchildren showed an inverse correlation between myopia progression and…

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VIDEO: EyeQ Trainer evaluates eye tracking, offers exercises

June 27, 2018
DENVER – The EyeQ Trainer from RightEye allows optometrists to run the Brain Health EyeQ, which assesses functional vision; Sports Vision EyeQ…


Follow-up care for mild brain injury lacking, study shows

June 27, 2018
Patients with mild traumatic brain injury may not receive adequate follow up-care in spite of experiencing debilitating postconcussive symptoms…

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PR campaign impacts eye health

June 22, 2018
DENVER – Steve Loomis, OD, told the American Optometric Association’s House of Delegates that the Think About Your Eyes public relations…

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Identify patients at highest risk for myopia progression

June 21, 2018
DENVER – Myopia is increasing in prevalence globally as well as in the U.S., Christopher Wolfe, OD, said here at Optometry’s Meeting…

Objective Acuity develops vision screening test for children

June 12, 2018
New Zealand company Objective Acuity announced that it successfully completed a proof-of-concept trial of a test that screens for reduced vision in…

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Computer video game improves stereopsis

June 11, 2018
A random dot computer video game used regularly at home can improve stereopsis in children with amblyopia, according to a study. Traditionally…

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Time outdoors reduces myopia risk in subset of children

May 31, 2018
Researchers have found that nonmyopic children 7 to 10 years old have a significantly reduced risk of myopia onset if they spend more time outdoors…

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Provision of eyeglasses in rural China improves school performance

May 23, 2018
A hospital-based vision center set up in a rural area of China provided refraction screening and free spectacles to children, showing how such…

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Prosthetic scleral lens improves vision in ocular disease

May 9, 2018
The therapeutic EyePrintPRO scleral lens offers improvement in a variety of eye diseases, including limbal stem cell deficiency, post-PRK decentered…

Clinician: ‘The world needs a wakeup call to tame the myopia beast’

May 4, 2018
Since 2016, Treehouse Eyes has offered myopia control solutions for children and prides itself on focusing exclusively on this objective. Co-founders…

Prevent Blindness brands May UV Awareness Month

May 3, 2018
Prevent Blindness announced its plans to dedicate the month of May to educating the public on the damage UV exposure can cause to vision, according

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Primary IOL implantation an option for managing pediatric cataract

April 30, 2018
HONOLULU — Primary IOL implantation to treat and manage cataract in children younger than 1 year of age should be considered, according to

Maryland governor signs bill to protect kids from digital screens

April 25, 2018
On April 24 Gov. Larry Hogan signed HB 1110, which mandates preventive measures to protect children from myopia, dry eye disease and other conditions…

Hong Kong Polytechnic develops spectacle lens to slow, halt myopia

April 24, 2018
Hong Kong Polytechnic University has developed a spectacle lens that slowed myopia progression by 60% and halted progression in 21.5% of Chinese…

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Neonatal caffeine therapy may improve visuomotor, visual perception outcomes

April 17, 2018
Neonatal caffeine therapy for apnea of prematurity in very low birth weight infants showed improved visuomotor, visuoperceptual and visuospatial…

From The Editor

Take a more consultative approach to myopia

Primary Care Optometry News, April 2018
Michael D. DePaolis, OD, FAAO
I recently had the privilege of presenting at our institution’s 63rd annual ophthalmic conference. A regional meeting with a rich history of…