Meeting News

Eschenbach partners with guide dog providers

September 29, 2018
LAS VEGAS – Eschenbach Optik of America announced a new partnership with the Fidelco Guide Dog Foundation, a nonprofit organization that…

Meeting News

Contact lens manufacturers look to the future

September 27, 2018
LAS VEGAS – Moderator S. Barry Eiden, OD, FAAO, challenged representatives from the contact lens industry to share what their companies are…

Meeting News

Contact lens manufacturers work to take vision to the next level

September 26, 2018
LAS VEGAS – The contact lens industry is looking beyond eye care and examining lifestyle changes to design products that provide patients with…

Accessibility app for visually impaired available for hospitals, clinics

September 26, 2018
RightHear has announced the availability of a dedicated version of its smartphone app specifically for use in hospitals and clinics. The company…

BLOG: My evidence-based approach to choosing presbyopia-correcting IOLs

September 25, 2018
Without question, extended depth of focus IOLs have heightened interest in presbyopia-correcting lenses for surgeons and patients. These implants…

BLOG: Autism and visual dysfunction

September 21, 2018
by Susan L. Daniel, OD According to the National Center for Health Statistics, one in every 45 children is now diagnosed with autism, compared to…

MiSight contact lenses slow myopia progression in children

September 19, 2018
CooperVision’s 4-year study results are promising for the company’s dual-focus myopia control 1-day soft contact lens in reducing the…

Think About Your Eyes summer campaign boosts site traffic

September 19, 2018
Think About Your Eyes announced that its summer campaign amassed 130 million media impressions. The TAYE website has seen a 200% increase in traffic…

7 things you didn't know about ortho-K

September 18, 2018
Orthokeratology, or ortho-K, is the process of fitting special contact lenses to reshape the cornea. Ortho-K uses gas-permeable contact lenses…

In the Journals

Astigmatic soft contact lens wearers successfully refit with minisclerals

September 18, 2018
Large diameter gas-permeable contact lenses can be considered a good alternative to soft toric contact lenses for correcting refractive astigmatism…

Sports vision group announces new executive director

September 17, 2018
Gary Esterow has been appointed as the executive director for the International Sports Vision Association. The ISVA is an organization focused on the…

PCON Reports

Keratoconus care benefits from new diagnosis, treatment strategies

Primary Care Optometry News, September 2018
The origin of keratoconus is still hotly debated. Genetic and environmental factors have been widely investigated, as has an inflammatory component…

At Issue

Changing lifestyles, increasing expectations drive innovation in contact lens market

Primary Care Optometry News, September 2018
The contact lens industry continues to thrive and innovate. We have witnessed this in recent years with the migration to daily disposables, the…

In the Journals

GP scleral lens improves visual acuity, comfortable wear time in irregular corneas

September 12, 2018
Visual acuity and patient satisfaction improved in patients with irregular corneas after wearing scleral contact lenses for 1 month. Researchers…

BLOG: Secondary IOLs in cataract surgery

September 11, 2018
In a recent blog entry, we discussed the ramifications of compromised capsules. In this entry we will discuss options that our surgeons resort to…

Essilor expands offerings with specialty lenses, new lab in US

September 10, 2018
Essilor announced the launch of its new Specialty Lens Lab that creates lenses specifically for patients with low vision. “It’s our…

Brien Holden Vision Institute launches online myopia management guide

September 6, 2018
The Brien Holden Vision Institute has developed an online resource entitled “Guidelines for Myopia Management,” designed for eye care…

BLOG: Masters of the retinoscope

August 30, 2018
In our quest to provide primary eye care and primary health care, it is critical that we remember our unique role in the health care system. This…

Study predicts swift increase in visual impairment due to myopic macular degeneration

August 23, 2018
Global patterns of visual impairment associated with myopic macular degeneration are estimated to escalate before 2050, according to a systematic…

Report shows disconnect in ECP-patient expectations for 1-day silicone hydrogels

August 22, 2018
A new report from CooperVision shows common misconceptions held by eye care professionals on 1-day silicone hydrogel contact lenses. “The…