New technology from Senaptec improves eye-brain connectivity

December 11, 2018
Senaptec, an Oregon-based start-up, is bringing new visual training technology to the public to help both athletes and patients improve eye-brain…

FDA News

FDA clears Bausch + Lomb multifocal toric contact lens

December 6, 2018
Bausch + Lomb announced that it received 510(k) clearance from the FDA for Bausch + Lomb Ultra Multifocal for Astigmatism contact lenses. According…

In the Journals

Study investigates dark adaptation changes in highly myopic patients

November 30, 2018
Dark adaptation was found to be strongly correlated with axial length in highly myopic eyes, suggesting that globe elongation has an impact on dark…

BLOG: The importance of baseline concussion screenings

November 30, 2018
by Tanya Polec, OD, FCOVD Visual symptoms from a concussion can vary considerably from one case to the next and be difficult to describe (Patients…

Brien Holden Vision Institute launches Global Myopia Centre

November 28, 2018
Brien Holden Vision Institute announced the launch of its online resource platform, Global Myopia Centre, which is intended to educate eye care…

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VIDEO: Axial elongation should be used as benchmark in myopia control studies

November 20, 2018
SAN ANTONIO – “We tend to assess progression of myopia through examination of refractive error, but we think axial elongation is a…

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Vergence, accommodation influence sideline concussion testing

November 16, 2018
SAN ANTONIO – Researchers found accommodation and vergence deficits in children and adolescents after concussion, which influence sideline…

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CooperVision looks to Europe to increase silicone hydrogel lens adoption in the US

November 15, 2018
SAN ANTONIO – CooperVision continues to unravel why U.S. adoption of silicone hydrogel lenses is lower than in Europe, with practitioners…

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Biofinity Energys may reduce microfluctuations that cause digital eye strain

November 14, 2018
SAN ANTONIO – The Biofinity Energys contact lens from CooperVision helps address the changing visual needs and digital demands of contact lens…

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Multifocal contact lens dramatically reduces myopia progression

November 13, 2018
SAN ANTONIO – Interim results of a prospective study on the use of the NaturalVue Multifocal daily disposable contact lens in children showed…

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Binocular vision symptoms alone may not influence concussion test results

November 10, 2018
SAN ANTONIO – Binocular vision symptoms alone did not significantly affect the standardized scores on the CogState Brief Battery in adolescents…

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‘Staggering’ differences exist in public health approaches to myopia control

November 9, 2018
SAN ANTONIO –CooperVision is working with government and regulatory bodies in the U.S. and abroad to improve public health approaches and…

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VIDEO: Current myopia control measures have limited results

November 8, 2018
SAN ANTONIO – No major analysis has been conducted to evaluate the long-term efficacy of studies on myopia control interventions, Noel A

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Study shows benefits of photochromic contact lenses

November 7, 2018
SAN ANTONIO – Activated photochromic contact lenses resulted in improved visual function when compared to transparent contact lenses, according…

BLOG: Vision and art

October 29, 2018
An interesting piece was published this month by CNN: “Rare eye condition was behind da Vinci's genius, research claims.” This article…

Bailey to be named director of BHVI

October 24, 2018
Sandra Bailey, Brien Holden Vision Institute board member, will be formally appointed as the company’s director at an Oct. 31 board meeting…

In the Journals

Myopia is risk factor for multiple tears during evolution of PVD

October 19, 2018
Multiple retinal tears occurring during the evolution of posterior vitreous detachment are more frequently observed in myopic patients, are…

Essilor shows myopia trailer in movie theatres

October 17, 2018
Essilor of America is showing an educational trailer in 1,800 movie theatres around the U.S. in October in an effort to raise awareness and promote…

Results with photoscreener shown comparable to comprehensive exam

Primary Care Optometry News, October 2018
Donny W. Suh, MD
In Omaha, as with many other cities across the country, we continue to have a significant number of school-age children who are not receiving any…

Meeting News

Cube expands Vmax refraction station capabilities

October 12, 2018
LAS VEGAS – Vmax Vision Inc. launched the Cube, a technology intended for use in conjunction with the company’s VASR refraction system…