CooperVision announces myopia management program

January 22, 2020
CooperVision introduced the Brilliant Futures Myopia Management Program to create a new standard of care for children with myopia, as the company…


BLOG: Ocular biomarkers for Alzheimer’s disease

January 17, 2020
by Leonard V. Messner OD, FAAO Alzheimer’s disease is a global disease of central nervous system dysfunction. Although public discourse about…

Myopia institute forms task forces for deeper investigation

January 10, 2020
The International Myopia Institute has formed task forces to follow up its research released in a series of white papers in 2019 and reinforced…

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Study shows vision therapy does not improve reading in convergence insufficiency

December 27, 2019
Children with a diagnosis of symptomatic convergence insufficiency saw no additional improvement in reading comprehension with office-based…

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Increase in myopia will lead to rise in retinal conditions

December 19, 2019
ORLANDO, Fla. – The growing incidence of myopia will be associated with an increased risk of retinal conditions, and patients should be…

Survey results show need to educate parents on eye care, myopia

December 16, 2019
Results from two surveys indicate that parents’ knowledge of myopia and the importance of comprehensive exams for their children is lacking. In…

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Readings with handheld autorefractor comparable to subjective refraction

December 12, 2019
Researchers found that the QuickSee Handheld wavefront autorefractor provided visual acuity results that were in “excellent agreement”…


BLOG: How functional neurology and optometry can work together

December 6, 2019
by David Rosenthal, DC, FICPA, FIBFN-CND Functional neurology practitioners use clinical rehabilitation techniques and physical manipulation to…

Breakthrough device designation issued for RightEye’s Parkinson’s assessment system

December 3, 2019
The FDA has granted breakthrough device designation to the RightEye Vision System, an oculomotor test to help diagnose Parkinson’s disease…

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Most children’s digital media use exceeds AAP guidelines

November 25, 2019
The average amount of time children spend watching television or using a computer or mobile device exceeds AAP recommendations, according survey data…


BLOG: Neuro-ophthalmology perspective on concussion management

November 22, 2019
by Eric L. Singman, MD , PhD Historically, neuro-ophthalmologists have not embraced the comprehensive management of patients…

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OCT changes minimally related to visual acuity variation

November 21, 2019
Changes in central subfield thickness may account for only a low percentage of total variations in visual acuity changes, according to findings…

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FDA approves contact lens to slow myopia progression

November 18, 2019
The FDA approved CooperVision’s MiSight 1 day contact lens to slow the progression of myopia in children 8 to 12 years old. This daily wear…


VIDEO: New trifocal IOL provides near, intermediate, distance vision

November 18, 2019
ORLANDO, Fla. – The recently released AcrySof IQ PanOptix trifocal IOL from Alcon is now available in the U.S., Mo Merchea, OD, PhD, MBA, said…

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U.S. must improve surveillance of vision problems

November 14, 2019
ORLANDO, Fla. – The U.S. must do a better job at identifying the true magnitude of the vision problem in the country, Sandra Block, OD, MPH

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Speaker: Ophthalmic professions must address uncorrected refractive error together

November 12, 2019
ORLANDO, Fla. – Optometrists, ophthalmologists, optical technicians and orthoptists must work together to address the problem of uncorrected…


BLOG: Hemianopia or spatial neglect – can you tell the difference?

November 8, 2019
by Penelope S. Suter, OD, FCOVD, FNORA Visual spatial neglect is a disturbance in the perception of space due to inattention to that area…

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Economic development, education will lead to increase in myopia

November 6, 2019
ORLANDO, Fla. – The prevalence of myopia is estimated at 33% in the U.S., 40% in Europe and 80% in Asia, but an increase is expected to occur…


VIDEO: Visual skills correlated to at-plate performance in baseball

November 4, 2019
ORLANDO, Fla. – Visual processing speeds and oculomotor skills are critical to baseball players’ at-plate performance, according to a…

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VIDEO: Alcon launches Precision1 daily disposable contacts

November 1, 2019
ORLANDO, Fla. – Alcon is in the first phases of the launch of Precision1 daily disposable contact lenses, Sean Clark, general manager of the…