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U.S. must improve surveillance of vision problems

U.S. must improve surveillance of vision problems
November 14, 2019
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Speaker: Ophthalmic professions must address uncorrected refractive error together

November 12, 2019
ORLANDO, Fla. – Optometrists, ophthalmologists, optical technicians and orthoptists must work together to address the problem of uncorrected refractive error…

BLOG: Hemianopia or spatial neglect – can you tell the difference?

November 8, 2019
by Penelope S. Suter, OD, FCOVD, FNORA Visual spatial neglect is a disturbance in the perception of space due to inattention to that area of space. If we…
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Economic development, education will lead to increase in myopia

November 6, 2019
ORLANDO, Fla. – The prevalence of myopia is estimated at 33% in the U.S., 40% in Europe and 80% in Asia, but an increase is expected to occur with economic…
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