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EyePromise launches nutraceutical for digital eye strain

EyePromise launches nutraceutical for digital eye strain
September 4, 2019

New Ocuvite formulation targets macula

July 15, 2019
Bausch + Lomb announced the U.S. launch of Ocuvite Eye Performance, an ocular supplement containing high levels of seven nutrients to strengthen the macula. The addition…

New ocular health supplement targets glaucoma

July 10, 2019
Guardion Health Sciences Inc. announced the launch of GlaucoCetin, a propriety formula shown in a clinical trial to reverse mitochondrial dysfunction in the optic nerve…

New eye vitamin targets children, teens

May 7, 2019
EyePromise has added Screen Shield Teen to its ocular nutrition supplement line. The nutraceutical, which includes all-natural zeaxanthin, is “specially formulated…
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When Anti-VEGF Agents Don’t Work: Using Intravitreal Steroids Alone or in Combination to Treat DME/DR—Vision Is More Than Just Best Corrected Visual Acuity in Diabetic Macular Edema

This activity is supported by an educational grant from Allergan, Inc.

Explore the treatment options for a patient with diabetes and blurry vision presented by Dr Roger Goldberg with faculty…
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VIDEO: CREST research shows three carotenoids improve vision

April 6, 2017
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VIDEO: Improvement in ocular blood flow may benefit glaucoma patients

November 13, 2018
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