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Bausch + Lomb launches miniature gel eye vitamins

December 10, 2019

BLOG: Dry eye treatment paradigm shifts

November 27, 2019
We’ve seen a paradigm shift in our approach towards patients, evolving from merely looking at the eye itself to considering the patient as a whole. The Dry Eye…
Perspectives on GlaucomaPerspective

POAG associated with lower plasmatic nicotinamide levels

September 27, 2019
Primary open-angle glaucoma was found to be associated with lower plasmatic nicotinamide levels, and researchers suggest that the vitamin may have future therapeutic…

EyePromise launches nutraceutical for digital eye strain

September 4, 2019
The eye health nutraceutical company, EyePromise, recently introduced Screen Shield Pro as the newest addition in its eye vitamin line. Screen Shield Pro is designed to…
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